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Hi Friends,

In this issue:
  • Do you have the right ratios?
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  • Health snippets - Don't swallow your toothpaste!
  • Special April offer

We know how important Mineral Balance is, but what about RATIOS?

Just to follow on from the information relating to minerals in our recent newsletter I felt it would be helpful to highlight again the importance of balance. We can't get away from the fact that in our body - as well as in life - the need to maintain balance is paramount. The body has all types of mechanisms to assist in this and the word that we use to describe this balance is homoeostasis.

We know that an excessive intake of salt creates problems due to the imbalance it creates and an interesting thing to consider with our body is the ratios of particular minerals. So we need a balance and we also need the correct ratios. Incorrect ratios of minerals can be an indicator of a hidden metabolic dysfunction.


Amongst the most important ratios is sodium and potassium (Na:K). If this ratio is disrupted it may be an indication of important malfunctioning of the kidneys, liver and adrenal glands and could be associated with heart, liver, kidney and immune deficiency diseases. One of the many areas that can influence the Na:K ratio is the presence of heavy metals - in particular mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminium. This highlights one of the benefits of hair a hair analysis where ratios are considered along with mineral levels and toxic elements.

Dosing up with a single nutrient may be appropriate in certain cases, but this should ideally be done under the guidance of someone who knows what they are doing.

A very recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine highlights the importance of these ratios.

2974 patients with pre-hypertension were involved and what showed was that for each unit increase in a persons Na:K ratio there was a corresponding increase in cardiovascular disease. The authour's recommendation - cutting salt and increasing potassium intake. A similar study done locally showed the same type of thing with the intake of calcium on its own. In this case there was an increase in cardiovascular disease in those supplementing with calcium on its own - we all know that calcium needs to be balanced by magnesium and if there is too much calcium this will become an antagonist towards magnesium, the ratio imbalance is why the problem occurs and is one of the reasons we tend to spend alot of our clinical time assessing these areas.

elete5.sml.jpgIn our experience the best way to improve the Na:K ratio is by using the Elete Electrolytes.

When considering optimum wellness, ratios are perhaps more relevant and along with our in house energetic testing and checking of mineral status we often suggest a Hair Tissue mineral analysis which also gives indications of ratios.


So our body needs to have the full range of minerals, these have to be in the correct ratios and then we also need various co-factors to ensure they all work together. Co-factors for calcium for example would be boron, copper, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium. Without these co-factors the body will not be able to utilise calcium appropriately.

scmddrop2.jpg Along with all these aspects we know that the form or type of minerals also impacts on uptake and so we generally come back to food sources or of course the ionic form of minerals - this is why we continue to find our customers mineral status generally improves when they use the CMD and even more so in combination with Elete.

In view of the fact that we know you will get the best results using the CMD and Elete together we are now offering a discount if you order the two products together, we do hope you will take advantage of this, click here to order


For those of you who haven't visited the shopping/product pages for a while we continue to add to our on line range.
Another line that has been added recently due to demand are the amazing products from NHI. The key product I refer to is a very potent and highly effective herbal preparation for both male and female hormone balancing.

Here is what a customer had to say soon after starting ........ " Thank you sooo much for the box of Femmenessence. Its amazing how quickly they work in the system putting everything into balance. I'm feeling so much better its great......"

In fact her husband was so impressed he decided to try the men's formula for himself!

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Health snippets(International News)

Homoeopathic products show immune boosting properties.
While the exact mechanism is still under investigation, in vitro tests have demonstrated that a complex homoeopathic formula known as Heel Engystol supports the phagocytic activity (white blood cells) of human granlocytes and increases activity by up to 30% more than in controls. The effect was further enhanced to 41% by using a 1:1 mixture of Engystol AND Gripp Heel an antiviral product from Germany. 

This is why we prefer our customers to use this combination instead of opting for the common "flu shot"

Why you shouldn't swallow your toothpaste.

The fluoride debate continues, have a look at this.

More problems with BABY PRODUCTS from big players.

Last month the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and partner organisations released a report revealing that dozens of popular bath products for babies and kids contain at least two hazardous contaminants: 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde.

Both of these chemicals cause cancer in animals, and formaldehyde is also known to cause skin rashes in people who are sensitive to the chemical.
Read more here.....


Its once again a season of change and we have grippheel.jpgdecided to bring back our immune boosting engystol01.jpg kit, a great alternative to the "Flu shot".
Order our Heel Immune Duo or Daily C powder and we will give you a 10% discount OR order a twin pack of one of each(the duo and DailyC) to keep all the bugs away and we will take off 15%, that's a saving of almost $15!

If you would like to take advantage of this months offer please reply now Click here without delay.

Thanks again for being with us,

Yours in good health, 

Susanne & Gary

PS: Thanks again for your continued support and don't forget to forward the newsletter onto anyone who may find it of interest, take care S & G  :)

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