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Health & Wellness Newsletter January 2021

Hello dear friends,

In this issue:

  • Still fatigued ....? 
  • What about your appendix?
  • An overview of what's coming up, and - 
  • A special nutrient for your energy?

Hi folks,

Well, we made it through!
Yes, we have transitioned from 2020 to 2021, and it wasn't all that painful - well I hope it wasn't, and now here we are a new year, new opportunities, and who knows what else is around the corner?

The "year of the covid" as I term 2020, is now a thing of the past, and this is where we really need to understand that what our future holds is entirely up to us, we often allow our past experiences influence our future in a negative way and keep reliving every new day as if it was just another day(like yesterday), imagine if we could actually create a new future by "being" our future instead of "being" our past, would you be willing to give it a go?

We finished the year with a great response to our article and special about PEA, thanks to those that took advantage of the offer and thanks for the feedback we have had too. If you feel it has made a difference for you(or not) please do send me a message, it's always helpful to hear how you get on and the information may be helpful for others.

Tired? Is this the missing piece of your puzzle?

Fatigue, lack of energy, brain fog..... just a few of the very common symptoms many in our society experience, but why?

Those who have been keeping up with my newsletters will probably notice that these are also just a small sample of common signs of a hypothyroid condition, that all too common undiagnosed complaint.

When it comes to optimal thyroid function, unfortunately many people are just not there. They may be producing adequate amounts of thyroid hormone, but it isn't able to be used efficiently.

I had a client very recently who we tested using the thyroflex test, and sure enough, her reflex speed(one of the things we measure in the test) was very slow, simple sluggish thyroid(hypothyroid). As you can imagine, an underactive thyroid leads to a general sluggishness throughout the whole body, so with this customer already eating a pretty good diet there were just a couple of things that needed improving, one was some simple electrolyte minerals and the other was increasing her iodine intake.

She came in for a retest last week and I'm really happy to say, just by adding these 2 keys into her regime for less than 90 days, her reflex speed is now almost normal - sometimes it is that easy. 

B1Sometimes I will see people like this, the diet is pretty good, stress is managed, supplement protocols good and they are generally doing what is necessary to gain improvements, but they just don't feel the change, it may be one small thing that needs tweaking or addressing, and today's "special guest" could be one of those pieces of the puzzle.

I am reminded of a colleague who continued to struggle with low energy levels, adrenal fatigue, and low blood pressure. Some information about thiamine came across her desk, and a few days after starting a thiamine supplement, energy levels began to bounce back, how's that!

So could thiamine be the missing link to your fatigue?

Lets cover some of the basics, thiamine is also known as B1, so it's a part of the B group of vitamins that are important in many ways. It seems a key role for B1 is to convert carbohydrates into energy. Along with other elements it is critical for Hcl(hydrochloric acid) production in the stomach and so helps with the digestion of proteins and fats as well.

Its reasonably well documented that most people with Hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s have either digestive problems and/or low stomach acid, optimal levels of thiamine along with zinc are needed to be able to produce adequate levels of Hcl.

On top of all this, the B vitamins become depleted in stressful situations so it really is another of those double edged swords.

I discovered some simple research done by a couple of Italian physicians who had already found that thiamine relieved fatigue in patients with ulcerative colitis, so they trialled just a small number of women with Hashimoto's who were taking thyroid meds, but were still fatigued.  You guessed it, they all felt an improvement in their fatigue when reassessed just 20 days after starting the supplementation, an interesting aspect of this was that the standard lab tests used to determine a thiamine deficiency were negative. Those good old blood tests again - just not accurate enough for this type of thing!

A severe thiamine deficiency is very rare and is known as beriberi, it's associated with swelling, tingling, a burning sensation in the hands and feet, confusion, trouble breathing, and uncontrolled eye movements.

And while it is rare to see a full on deficiency in the developed world, (many cereals are fortified too) if you’re on a grain-free diet such as a Paleo diet or something similar to combat auto-immunity you are in fact quite likely to be running low in thiamine. 

Symptoms of milder forms of thiamine deficiency include:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Low blood pressure
  • Adrenal issues
  • Trouble digesting carbohydrates

Long-term thiamine deficiency can lead to various symptoms, including mental fog, difficulty breathing, and even heart damage.

Do any of symptoms above sound like you?  If so, you may want to experiment with your B1 levels! There are blood tests available in some places, however as mentioned above - they will only really show if there is a severe deficiency, sub-clinical levels won't generally be picked up, a symptom picture may be more accurate.

The only other thing to consider is that certain foods, such as black tea, coffee, raw fish, and shellfish, contain a component called thiaminases, these are enzymes that break down thiamine. Consuming large quantities of these foods, and eating them alongside other thiamine-containing foods, could inhibit your ability to absorb adequate thiamine from your diet.

I have even come across information that suggests that for those who may find they are unable to take a magnesium supplement - and we all know how important magnesium is - the reason you don't tolerate the magnesium could be due to a lack of thiamine!

If you are one of those who feels more "wired" or restless when taking magnesium or even have a worsening of some of the symptoms and even palpitations that are generally improved when taking magnesium, consider adding B1 into your day along with the magnesium, you may be pleasantly surprised.

If you’ve been struggling with fatigue, low stomach acid, carbohydrate intolerance or low blood pressure, you may have a thiamine deficiency and may benefit from extra B1 intake. 

From a dietary perspective you may be able to lift your B1 levels by increasing your consumption of beef liver, eggs, pork, nuts and seeds.BenfoMax-615

Don't forget that thiamine, and in fact all B vitamins, may become depleted when we are experiencing stress — so even if we are eating a great diet that is full of nutrients, when stress is a factor your ability to assimilate efficiently may be  affected, sometimes we need an extra boost, and thiamine may be one of those boosting nutrients that can really benefit you.

If you think any of this may relate to you then a high quality B1 supplement may be appropriate, one I recommend that is highly absorbable is BenfoMax from Pure Encapsulations. For most people a starting point would be 600 mg per day, so that's 3 capsules daily, and as many of you will be aware, when using a specific B vitamin over any length of time, it's a good idea to use a B complex as well to ensure all needs are met.

NB: While 600 mg is a good daily starting dosage, some may need to increase the dosage, particularly if your weight is over 60 kg. In cases where fatigue had not subsided, an increase of an additional 200 mg/day of thiamine could be tried , waiting 3-4 days and then even increasing again up to 1200mg daily for a short period. If the thiamine is excessive for your needs, you may experience an increased heart rate, where the heart would beat more than 100 beats per minute, simply reducing the dose will bring things back to normal.

See the special at the end of the newsletter - you will need to be logged in to see the prices of this product.

Appendectomy ..... do you have your appendix?

AppendixFor many years it was believed that the human appendix was a vestigial organ, a remnant of our past and no longer needed due to our evolutionary changes. As a result, the appendix has been routinely removed surgically, considered by some to be useless and even a potential risk for later appendicitis.

Hang on a minute - do we think our creator is that silly?
Research is now showing that the appendix is an important immune organ, and that appendectomies can have substantial health repercussions.

The appendix is a part of what we refer to as gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) that contains an abundance of B and T cells, natural killer (NK) cells, macrophages, and a host of other cells that are super important.

And it goes on too - It is involved in the maturation of B and T cells and the production of antibodies, yes that's those important things that float around our body ensuring a quick efficient response if we are under attack from an invader.

And here is a really important aspect that ensures recovery from a set back from infection, the appendix acts as a reservoir of commensal microflora. Yes, the appendix also seems to function as a reservoir or ‘safe house’ for commensal bacteria, providing a source for rapid re-inoculation of the bowel following an environmental insult to the microbiome. The position and shape of the appendix plus the presence of a thick bacterial biofilm mean that the commensal bacteria within the appendix are largely protected from infectious diarrhoea, short-term antibiotics, toxins and dietary changes.

It has now become apparent that prophylactic appendectomy is associated with a profound intestinal dysbiosis in future years for many people.
The removal of this functional organ is now known to be associated with an increased risk of developing numerous GI disorders, including:

  • • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • • Crohn’s disease
  • • Recurrent Clostridium difficile associated colitis
  • • Colorectal cancer
  • • Gallstones

    Appendectomies are also known to be linked to increased risk of systemic diseases such as:
  • • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • • Ischaemic heart disease
  • • Mental health disorders • Endometriosis

Understanding that the appendix acts as a reservoir of commensal bacteria and that appendectomy induces dysbiosis, ongoing support to maintain a healthy microbiome is critical for patients who have had an appendectomy.

This is particularly important immediately following an appendectomy and of course in any patient who does not have an appendix and needs to take antibiotics.

Supplementation with evidence-based probiotic bacteria can be effective in restoring the disrupted microbiome after a disruptive event like removal of the appendix and/or antibiotic treatment but of course not all bacteria are created the same - enter Lactobacillus reuteri to the rescue!

When taking probiotics, it is important to select the correct species and strain, we know that different strains have different effects and Lactobacillus reuteri is considered a foundational probiotic species as it naturally colonises the human gastrointestinal tract and is found in human breast milk.

Hundreds of human clinical trials have been conducted with this very specific probiotic species with no major adverse effects and with a multitude of beneficial "side effects" well proven.

The Lactobacillus reuteri strain DSM 17938 has been found to benefcially interact with the resident microbiome and immune system, and specifically, for the benefit of patients who have had an appendectomy, L. reuteri DSM 17938 has been found in human trials to:

• Improve microbial diversity in a variety of recipients.
• Reverse antibiotic-associated disruptions to bowel flora.
• Reduce the duration of and severity of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea in both children and adults.

This strain is also the most efficient producer of reuterin, an antimicrobial substance that inhibits the growth of various pathogenic bacteria and helps maintain a healthy commensal microflora balance, and balance is what it's all about.

So to conclude, the appendix is not just a “useless appendage”! It is a critical immune and GI organ. For patients who have had their appendix removed it is prudent to support their ongoing microbial balance and supplementation with L. reuteri DSM 17938 can help achieve this.

Supplementation with evidence-based probiotic bacteria is effective in restoring the disrupted microbiome after a disruptive event like removal of the appendix and/or antibiotic treatment.


Lactobacillus Reuteri

Pure Encapsulations BenfoMax

BenfoMax-248If you are needing to improve thiamine levels in your body, adding this product from Pure encapsulations into your regime could be the answer, particularly if you have tried lots of things and still have digestive problems and persistent fatigue.

BenfoMax helps maintain healthy advanced glycation end (AGE) activity to support vascular, nerve, retinal and kidney cellular health. As a primary ingredient, benfotiamine has been researched to support retinal function as well as nerve comfort.
BenfoMax is a fat soluble vitamin B1 (thiamine) derivative that has enhanced bioavailability and bioactivity. It is found naturally in small amounts in vegetables from the Allium genus, including garlic, onions, and leeks.

Experimental data indicates that benfotiamine has a greater absorption rate and duration of activity compared to water-soluble thiamine, including thiamine HCl. It has also been found to be better tolerated than thiamine.


We have so many great online summits and webinars coming through at the moment, here is one that's running now.

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What about YouTube?
This time we are going to Vimeo.
Sorry Youtube :(
A short video talking about the origin of a specific strain of beneficial bacteria
One of the worlds most heavily researched probiotic strains on the planet.


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A word from ANDY.
Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 10Ok everyone I'm excited to announce that I will be available for readings again.
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Sometimes when a loved one passes we don't get a chance to say goodbye and this is a way to tell them how we felt. And it can also be reassuring to know they are ok. Oftentimes it’s a healing experience for both parties.
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SPECIAL of the month

BenfoMax-248To align with the article above we have been able to get our importer to offer a special to our readers on the Pure Encapsulations BenfoMax, a unique fat soluble form of Vitamin B1 that is very easily absorbed by your body, even if your digestion is compromised.

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And finally, let us all flourish in this new year, keep bringing our energy and love together to ensure the world we live in becomes an even better place to live, love and thrive!

Thanks for your support!

We love to share our knowledge and our skills, so if you have a question, or are struggling with an issue that just isn't going away or you simply feel a need for help, please do reach out.

We are here to help.
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Yours in good health

Love from Gary and Andy


Andy Pentecost-Beck, Intuitive Life & Biz Coach/Author/Animal Communicator
and Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer
Maximum Wellbeing Clinic

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