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October Newsletter 2015

Hi Friends,

In this issue:
  • Special Edition - The Truth About Cancer -(TTAC)
  • Product highlights from the Website - 
  • Health snippets - More about TTAC From around the world.
  • October Deals.

Every Single Minute of Every Single Day… Over 15 People Die of Cancer. Find Out How NOT To Be One Of Them With This Short 42 Second Quiz.

In the next 1 minute (60 seconds) over 15 people will die of something very specific and very close to home.

Yes, it is of course Cancer.

That’s right, every minute over 15 people die of cancer around the world. And even in our own "extended family and friends" we have lost several members in recent months to this all too common disease.

That’s not even the scariest part… one in three people living right now will be diagnosed with cancer.

But there’s hope on the horizon that how you treat your body from nutrition to overall health can have a DRAMATIC effect on whether you get cancer in the first place… and if you survive.

Want to find out how YOU can avoid becoming one of the masses who will get cancer in their lifetime?

Take this FREE short 42 second quiz and find out your real risk factors… (and what you can do about it!)

Don’t leave it up to chance, take less than ONE minute out of your day right now and see where your chances stand.


Quiz Risk level

Note to self: Looking the other way and hoping that you won't get cancer won't decrease your chances, but knowing exactly what to do will.

This short, 42 second intensive quiz will reveal some remarkable results about your chances of getting cancer, and what you can do to avoid this terrible diagnosis.

The quiz has been designed by some of the best and brightest cancer researchers and scientists around the globe working right in the trenches to try and eradicate this dreaded disease once and for all.

You deserve a fighting chance… take the quiz today and get your personalised results to see your fate. 

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did :-)

Andy's bit - new website  up and Book launch is imminent
AP Cherub-608If you read last months newsletter you would have discovered that my book(a project for the last four and half years) was due for publication at the end of September.  We just missed the deadline(my own deadline for the book) but it is getting VERY close. The cover has been prepared, I have done a final re-read - line by line and it is now with the publisher/editor in complete form and due to be launched within a very short time. The first copies will be available from my own website real soon - so watch this space :)

If you would like to be kept up to date with the books progress, when it will be available on Amazon and the launch we are planning, then register here. 

The book is titled "Angel Guidance to Connection, Strength and Magic".

Thanks, Andy.

Product Highlights from

Naturopaths Own HokiMega3.
Its a local pure fish oil supplement that ticks all the boxes - its actually a by product of the sustainably caught local fish quota of Hoki and has some great properties.

HokiMega3An excellent source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids(that is of course the good oil) that has been shown to offer the following benefits:


  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Easing of joint pain
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Improvement in skin suppleness
  • And overall well being.
The HokiMega3 product is unique in a number of ways and the most significant is perhaps that this oil is VERY rich in the DHA fraction of omega 3.

Fish oil Omega 3s are delivered as EPA and DHA ready for use in the body, and DHA is the most important fatty acid because it can retro-convert to EPA, but unfortunately EPA cannot readily convert to DHA. It is therefore more preferable to have a higher DHA to EPA ration than the other way around.​

DHA supports healthy brain function, protects the ageing mind, supports healthy pregnancy, mood balance and emotional well-being, mental clarity and focus in children, support visual and brain development in foetuses and infants and stress management.

Does your Omega3 Fish Oil match these high specifications?
  • Naturally high DHA levels - an amazing 560mg per serving.
  • Pharmaceutical grade Omega3 fish oil enhanced with Vitamin E to optimise freshness.
  • Molecularly distilled to remove impurities and to concentrate esters.
  • 100% pure NZ product. Not from imported "unknown" undeclared source.
  • Hoki is caught in the deep cold waters of NZ's Southern Ocean.
  • Hoki is sustainably caught under NZ's Quota Management System.

And if this is something you would like to use scroll down for our excellent deal where you can save $$.

Please have a look on Facebook at our page and do "like" our page - We share many tips, tools and keep you updated during the month:)

What about YouTube?

YouTubeI posted this one on our facebook page recently - produced a great laugh and also a wee tear at a very moving part of the video.

Hope you enjoy it too.   Click here to watch Stevie Wonder

Health snippets(International News)

Can 100,000 scientifically validated references be wrong?

One American physician is holding onto nutritional gold. In his exhaustive research he’s put together over 100,000 references that unequivocally prove nutritional therapies can not only treat, but help eradicate cancer.
Proof positive that what you eat and your nutrition can be the difference between beating cancer and it beating you.

This is controversial research that people in high places hope never sees the light of day.
I urge you to take just a couple minutes of your day and go see this astounding information for yourself right here.

You could be shocked at what you discover.

P.S. This free documentary is unlike anything ever produced about the cancer pandemic and what you can do to prevent and even treat it….. it’s something that you need to see before cancer starts looking in your direction… Go here to see it NOW! CLICK HERE

DEAL of the MONTH:  

We are keeping it simple this month with a HUGE saving off the Naturopaths Own HokiMega3 fish oil. By one and get the second one at less than HALF price - you buy two and pay just $53.90 - YOU SAVE $18.00, we feel this has to be something you do for yourself(or someone else in the family) right NOW. This is a STRICTLY limited offer and stocks may run out - so first in best dressed.

(Sorry but this is only available to our NZ customers. Please note this offer is not available on our website, only to those who receive our email. 

Please click here to email us your name and address, along with your requirements. We will in turn send you an invoice and we will ship your product immediately. (Normal shipping applies)

Yours in good health

IMG 1146(copy)                        
Andy Pentecost, Transformational Life Coach/Author/Animal Communicator and Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

Maximum Wellbeing Clinic
(07) 571 1141


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