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Health & Wellbeing Newsletter March 2021

Hello dear friends,

In this issue:

  • Stress, how much is too much? 
  • THE one gut/bug killer product to keep on hand?
  • An overview of what's coming up, and - 
  • An Exclusive MaximumWellbeing deal!

Hi everybody,

Welcome back, it's the first week of another month - did somebody say March!?!?

We are shifting tack from last month to one of my other favourite area's, well, when I say favourite I really mean, one of the other absolutely critical areas regards our ongoing health and wellbeing.
Our Adrenals - everything we do revolves around the mix of hormones in our blood at any given moment, and our adrenals are of course the glands that produce stress hormones(and others), so let's look a little at why this is so important.

As usual, any feedback you send is always gratefully received, have fun and read on........

How much stress can your body cope with?

The question above is potentially that elusive $64,000 question.  (or is it the$64,000,000 these days?)

What I know, and what I have observed in the world of health and Naturopathy over the years, is that if your adrenals are continually pumping away unsupported due to the relentless assault many of us are subjected to, then you will at some time "hit the wall".  It's not a maybe, and it's not luck or bad luck, it's inevitable!  You cannot keep thrashing a "dead horse".

In these unprecedented times that we are living in, aside from so called deadly pandemics and whatever else is around the corner, the next biggest concern for the health of our society is the repercussions from STRESS.

I hope we all understand that to maintain healthy immune function we must have strong resilience with our Adrenal Health - stress=adrenals working hard=lower immune activity=greater risk of infection etc.

As a naturopath this is an area we have so much to offer that I'm sad to say, the medical establishment does not, but of course all things being well in a perfect world, we would have effective stress management in place and available for everyone.  

The infographic I have uncluded shows figures relative to the US, but I think you get the idea, and much of this would translate to NZ and Australia in a very comparable way.
Social Impact of Stress-374

It would be cool if I could get a show of hands from you all:
Who is aware that work stress affects your home life?
Who here struggles with work related stress?
Who knows that they are often stressed through the day?
On a scale from 1-10, where would you rate your stress level?
Have you had to miss work due to stress at some point?

The point here is this, we are subjected to stress from numerous sources in our day to day lives. This isn't just a "work" related thing in the traditional sense, we have physical stress at times from working our body physically hard, we have mental and emoti
onal stress from work and interaction with others and all the baggage that often comes along in our lives, we have stress related to poor air quality at times and in some places, this could be environmental or workplace related - thing here toxins, chemicals, sprays etc. Then there is stress from exposure to pathogens, a virus or bacteria for example and of course stress from things in our food and water.

So this is the deal, there are many things that can and do add stress to our body, a small amount of stress for a short period is not really a problem, it is the long term (even lower level, but chronic) accumulated load of all the different stressors than are present in our lives, and to be honest, for many it is way too much, for way too long. 

Aside from the cost to our relationships, friends and family, there is the purely physical cost to your body and of course the adrenal glands. These small glands that sit atop of the kidneys work hard and don't give up easily, but we know that everything has it's limits.  When they are tired, you also will be tired, quite possibly sore, tired and unhappy. These glands produce around 50 different hormones if you count the various intermediary hormones and they are all necessary for life such as cortisol, adrenalin, epinephrine, the adrenals also produce about 40% of the sex hormones - estrogen, progesterone, testosterone.

A common day in the life of someone who has probably been pushing things for too long may look like this:

  • Morning Fatigue - don't feel rested upon waking
  • Don't feel awake until coffee number 2 or 3
  • Low at morning tea then start to feel better around lunch
  • Mid afternoon low - lethargy or even needing to have a nap
  • Feel best in around dinner time
  • If not in bed may get a second wind late at night - the night owl
If this is you or someone you know, then here are some lifestyle hacks that are important when it comes to supporting our adrenals, but this is just part of what you will ideally do for yourself:

• Laugh often - we all know laughter is the best medicine
• Drink water salted to taste, especially in morning(when we are stressed we excrete excess salt)
• Eat before 10am and again by noon - this helps work in with the natural rhythms of the body
• Avoid caffeine - adding a powerful stimulant will add to the burden of the adrenals
• Combine protein, complex carbs and good quality fats at every snack and meal
• Avoid fruit and juice in the morning - when the adrenals are pumped, blood sugar control will be affected
• Eat more protein; less refined carbs and fruit (digestive aids may help)
• Sleep in whenever possible - restful sleep is the key regenerative program for our body
• Lie down for 15-45 minutes in afternoon
• Bed by 9:30 pm
• Exercise regularly, but at a level without producing prolonged fatigue afterwards
• Get rid of energy vampires -you know the ones, you feel flat after spending time with them 
• Notice breathing and breathe more deeply - all you need to do is think about it and make a conscious effort
• Spend time daily doing something enjoyable - we are here to experience life and the joy it can bring

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 11Life of course gets in the way, whether we are stressed or not, work and all the things we must do everyday to live up the expectations of both others and ourselves ensures many of us have little or no downtime. The time we take to destress, declutter, defrag and regenerate our soul and our cells must be proportionate to the degree of stress we "feel" or operate under. If this balance is not met we will start that inevitable downward spiral, the good news is that there are tools and protocols that can support your body to keep it strong and even to pull it up out of the depths of what we term Adrenal Fatigue.

Those of you who have been with us for a while may have heard me mention Dr Wilson and his work. A highly credentialed Dr and clinician who lectures all around the world to doctors and health professionals(or did before covi). He has many decades of experience in working with chronic illness, chronic fatigue and hormone problems and we are fortunate to be able to benefit from his expertise and products he created.

The first of his "tools" we have available is a comprehensive questionnaire.
Dr Wilson created the questionnaire from his 30+ years of clinical experience and this is a tool we have access to, to get an indication of where you are on the Adrenal Fatigue Spectrum. 

The questionnaire is available in 2 formats, the first is a PDF file that I can email to you for printing, completing, scanning and sending back to me, obviously a simple email asking me for Dr Wilson's questionnaire is all that I need, the second is a more up to date version online.

To access the online version use the link below:
Dr Wilson's Adrenal Questionnaire

Once completed, please make a note of the results from each category: Predisposing Factors; Key Signs and Symptoms; Energy Patterns; Frequently Observed Events; Food Patterns; Aggravating Patterns; Relieving Factors - as you can see it is comprehensive. With the totals done please email the results through to me, with this we can then move to the next phase.

So now let me introduce what has become known as - The Adrenal Fatigue Quartet or Adrenal Recovery Package, we practitioners now more appropriately call it the ''HPA Axis Support Protocol'', HPA stands for Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Adrenal Axis. A fully tested protocol that offers nutritional support to balance, replenish, and repair the glands involved in the stress response to a very deep level.

Dr Wilson's Nutritional Protocol - the Adrenal Fatigue Quartet is a complete nutritional support programme that quite simply makes it easy for tired, and stressed, people to get started and easily stick with the process. The compliance that I have seen over the years comes from the fact that it's simple, and we see results all the time.

As the name suggests, there are 4 key formulations that make up this highly effective protocol. 

Why 4 Supplements?
Think of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Protocol as one product with different parts acting in synergy – the whole accomplishing more than the sum of the parts. Each of the 4 supplements contributes essential aspects of support for your whole stress response system – but they all work optimally together.
Just as a car needs air in good tires, adequate fuel in the tank, oil in the motor, and a tuned engine to drive well. Likewise when stress is driving you, every aspect of your stress response system needs specific support to run optimally and allow you to thrive despite the stress.

In the range is a 1) Targeted multi-nutrient formula, a very clever 2) Vitamin C (vitamin C is the primary fuel that is used by the adrenals) 3) Potent adaptogenic herbal blend and 4) A powerful Rebuilder of adrenal tissue.

We are really privileged that we have an exclusive deal this month on this range of proven products that are never discounted! Scroll down for the offer if you are ready to fill your tank again and overcome adrenal fatigue.

Here is a brief breakdown of the 4 products and their properties.

SASF-1591) Super Adrenal Stress Formula®.   Focused nutrition for a body under stress*

  • Vitamins and minerals essential to energy and adrenal hormone production*
  • Synergistic nutrient ratios and quantities for enhanced effectiveness*
  • Sustained release enhances nutrient utilization*
  • Designed to replenish key nutrient reserves drained by chronic stress*
  • Promotes optimal energy production, adrenal function and stress resilience*
  • Fastest acting supplement in protocol*

2) Adrenal C Formula®.     Antioxidant vitamin C complex for a body under stress*

  • Sustained release vitamin C complex in optimal amount to offset stress depletion*
  • 5 minerals essential to stress response in easy-to-absorb mineral ascorbate form*
  • Bioflavonoids for enhanced antioxidant activity*
  • Buffered to minimize stomach irritation*
  • Designed to help meet increased need for vitamin C and antioxidants during stress*
  • Promotes adrenal function and stress response system health*

3) Herbal Adrenal Support Formula®.      Balancing herbs for a body under stress*

  • Adaptogenic herbs from organic or wild-crafted sources*
  • Active constituents fully extracted and preserved in liquid tincture*
  • Synergistic blend with effective amounts of each herb*
  • Designed to quickly enhance adrenal hormone activity and optimize stress response system sensitivity*
  • Promotes balanced energy, mood and sleep*
  • People with high blood pressure can substitute Dr. Wilson’s Herbal HPA,® the licorice-free alternative, for Herbal Adrenal Support Formula*

4) Adrenal Rebuilder®.     The protocol cornerstone*

  • High potency glandular concentrates from hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals and gonads*
  • Processed to remove hormones*
  • Superior quality, free-range porcine source*
  • Designed to provide bioavailable building
  • blocks that fortify glands depleted by stress*
  • Promotes strong stress glands and stress hardiness*
  • Deepest acting supplement in protocol*
NB: The standard disclaimer we are obliged to publish: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

AR-60As mentioned in the brief description above, the Adrenal Rebuilder is the product that underpins the whole process, it is the cornerstone of the quartet, and while it is not a fast acting product, it is one of the components that diligently works away in the background regenerating and rebuilding the actual adrenal tissue, in the more severe cases of Adrenal Fatigue that we have seen, this is a very important key.

Are you ready to let go of the struggle? Are you looking for a combination with proven results? Have you tried everything else? 

If this is you, then now is the time to get onto this wonderful combination of supportive, nourishing and effective formulations. And know that the whole idea of the protocol is to get you back to normal. Depending on your level of adrenal fatigue, the appropriate dosage and time it may take to get you back on track will vary, remember we are talking rebuilding here, and Rome wasn't built in a day. The plan is always to rebuild and strengthen your own body systems so you can ultimately wean yourself off the support and still function with ease. I suggest you commit to a minimum of 3 months and take it from there, we will be with you and guide you every step along the way.

See at the bottom of the newsletter for the offer this month.

Remember to login to be able to order as these are classified strictly as "practitioner only", or if you rather just email me telling me what you want and I can do the rest.

First line of defence?
Dr Wilson has created a whole range of formulations that I have used successfully over many years and there are products in the range that I still come back to year after year because they are simply excellent formulations that work.

One of these is a combination known as
Body-Guard®. Some of you may recall me talking about this in the past, well it's still here, and it still works well - and it's now available in a larger size that brings the cost per dose down significantly. This has been a part of my "kit" for probably a decade now, read on to see why.

Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard® is a unique, liquid dietary suppleBodyGuard Vid-732ment designed to bring immediate support to your body’s front-line immune defenses, especially in your gastrointestinal, respiratory and urogenital tracts. It contains a dynamic, carefully balanced combination of high quality colloidal silver and 13 organic or wildcrafted herbs from around the world that have been used traditionally and have demonstrated efficacy in enhancing immune function and promoting healthy microbial balance.  It is designed as a hard hitting product to be used 4-6 times a day when you feel the body is under attack for 5-10 days. 

Click on the image to see a short video.

I also use it in combination with another of Dr Wilson's products - Squeaky Clean - as part of an intestinal cleanse. The 2 products combine well as a way to gain a shift of the gut balance if there are signs of dysbiosis. 

See below for our exclusive special on Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard®

We have so many great online summits and webinars coming through at the moment, this month is no exception. I want to mention 3 very interesting online talks for March, the first one is already underway, but there will still be great content accessible at the end of the week.

So many people suffer with food problems, and with the rise in the numbers suffering with all types of Auto-Immune conditions, it is affecting more people than ever.
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And coming up at the end of the month is an opportunity to look at ways we can influence our terrain. What does this mean?
How we may be affected by a pathogen such as a virus is determined by our internal terrain as much as what the pathogen is, its kind of like having a garden that is well tended in a field with healthy vibrant living soil.
I'm sure this will be an interesting online series. Use this link to Unlock these 10 gut-brain healing recipes.
Learn ways to Supercharge your immunity and overall health with the power of phytonutrients, fermented veggies and whole foods.

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What about YouTube?

It's about time for a short nature fix. This video is just 2.5 minutes long, so take a break and enjoy. Often us busy people forget to take a moment to reconnect with the beauty around us, so here it is, a little of the natural beauty around us, just for you


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SPECIAL of the month

Its a real privilege that we are able to offer a saving on a range that is never offered at discount. The products work, the protocol is proven and we are able to offer the Adrenal Quartet exclusively to our newsletter peeps with 10% OFF!!
Adrenal Quartet std-669

The deal is not on separate items of the Adrenal Quartet, only the quartet as a whole, it is available in 2 sizes, large or small. Just so you know, the price per dose is significantly cheaper in the larger sizes, so if you are serious then do order the large.
BodyGuard-838You may notice that I refer to the quartet in our store as the Adrenal Recovery Package.


In addition to the above package, we have a HUGE 25% off the 120ml size Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard®.
That hard hitting formula that will take to task any unwanted invader is a must have for your medicine cabinet, always keep it on hand as you never know when some nasty bug might make its way into your system.

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Yours in good health

Love from Gary and Andy


Andy Pentecost-Beck, Intuitive Life & Biz Coach/Author/Animal Communicator
and Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer
Maximum Wellbeing Clinic

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