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Highly bioavailable CoQ10 is now available, even better than the CoQ10 products we have used in the past,

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Stress....who me!?
While we all know that stress is a killer, do you really understand that statement? Stress is a killer - that means Stress Kills! And in these trying times of uncertainty we need to be on the lookout.

Take charge of your life now and make those changes before its too late. Know that while you may think you are bullet proof, the proof is in what is happening on the inside. I have written about stress before but due to some of the cases we have been working with lately I felt a little reminder would be appropriate. There are things we need to change if we feel out of control! As an example, hypertension is known as the "silent Killer" I personally feel "stress" in all its different shades could be more deserving of this title. If you need some additional insight into how we can best "treat" too much stress for too long, please visit this earlier newsletter.

And while we are on about "stress", to follow on from our small stand at the Hamilton Home and Garden Show - we are there right now - we are extending our "show special" for the Blushield products to all of you. See the offer at the bottom of this page.

What is this nutrient that has the title of being MAGIC?

Something that sounds too good to be true? A supplement that is alleged to both prevent and treat a whole range of health concerns, including heart disease, gum disease, brain disorders such as Alzheimers and even cancer. Claims include reducing blood pressure, slowing down aging and even reducing wrinkles.

I am sure you have heard of it - in fact I have written about it in a newsletter a long time ago - its Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 for short. First discovered back in 1957, research around CoQ10 resulted in a Nobel prize for chemistry in 1978. It became popular after a book written by an American cardiologist called "The Coenzyme Q10 Phenomenon". In Dr Stephen Sinatra's words "My passion for CoQ10 goes well beyond its use in clinical cardiology, it is an important medicinal that can alleviate a much wider range of human suffering", he goes on to say, "it is my belief that supplemental CoQ10 not only improves the quality of life in patients with disease but also saves lives".
An essential vitamin like nutrient produced by the body and involved in a variety of chemical reactions, importantly one area of activity is in the process of producing energy in our cells. Everything we do of course requires biochemical energy, inadequate CoQ10 translates to less energy and a greater susceptibility to disease and premature aging. One of the first scientists to study CoQ10 desribes it as "absolutely essential for life".
While virtually every cell in the body produces CoQ10 there are a variety of reasons we may become deficient:

  • DIET: Our bodies need certain ingredients - including vitamins B and C - to make CoQ10 and if we eat poorly we don't get enough of those ingredients to produce sufficient CoQ10.
  • AGE: As we age the level of production by the body reduces, from 30 years of age levels decrease with a marked drop after 40.
  • CHOLESTEROL DRUGS: Research has shown statin drugs can directly interfere with the bodys production of CoQ10 due to inhibiting enzymes that both produce cholesterol and CoQ10.
  • EXTREME PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: While regular moderate exercise will stimulate the body to produce CoQ10, extreme, prolonged exercise is believed to deplete supplies as the needs increase to sustain the higer level of activity.
  • OVERACTIVE THYROID: A hyperthyroid condition will increase metabolism and hence deplete supplies of CoQ10.
HOW CAN IT GIVE ME MORE ENERGY? CoQ10 has a crucial role in creating a substance that fuels all cells in the body. The little "power plants" in our cells known as mitochondria are fueled by CoQ10, not enough CoQ10 will mean an energy shortage on a cell level. Our tissues and organs and begin to struggle and your body will work harder to do necessary basics such as breaking down food, getting rid of waste products and fighting off bacteria and you'll have little or no energy left over. Improving your supply of CoQ10 can reverse this.
HOW CAN IT PREVENT DISEASE? Many diseases are caused by free radicals - loose electrons in our cells that attack everything from our DNA to proteins and enzymes and cause chaos. This natural process can be made worse by lifestyle and environmental factors such as alcohol, smoking, stress and chemical contaminants.
Your body makes antioxidants in its cells to fight back and can also get them from other sources, such as fruit and vegetables and supplements. Its when your body doesn't produce enough antioxidants to keep free radicals under control that damage can become severe and lead to diseases such as cancer. CoQ10 is a very powerful antioxidant itself.
HOW CAN IT HELP MY HEART? Research carried out since the 1970's has found that people with heart disease are usually deficient in CoQ10. Researchers believe taking supplements can improve heart health by rejuvenating cells that are weak as a result of heart disease. It can help the heart work more effectively, reducing chest pain. Angina is a condition specifically indicated for CoQ10 supplementation.
CoQ10 has also been found to be effective in blocking the process that leads to oxidation of LDL Cholesterol. Too much oxidated LDL leads to the formation of plaque, which narrows the arteries and contributes to heart attacks and strokes. In fact, Japanese cardiologists regularly prescribe CoQ10 for heart patients. In the event of a heart attack - those with a higher level of CoQ10 in the blood will have improved chances of recovery due to the protective properties of CoQ10.
HOW CAN IT SLOW DOWN THE AGEING PROCESS? Ageing is inevitable but advocates say CoQ10 can slow down the process. Mutations naturally occur in our cells and when the cells divide, the mutations increase. Over time the mutations add up, causing a decline in cellular and tissue function which leads to degenerative diseases, like those of the blood vessels, brain, heart and muscles.
Researchers in Australia have found CoQ10 supplements help to slow down the degradation of ageing cells and encourage them to partially re-energise. That can help you stay healthier for longer, both on the inside and out.

New Products at

And of course not all CoQ10 is created equal, so if you are still taking synthetic CoQ10 it is definitely time to switch to the live-source CoQ-Quinol from Premier Research Labs. One of the greatest supplements you can take for your health, your heart, energy, weight loss and anti-aging!
No amount of ordinary CoQ-10 (which is oxidized ubiquinone) can equal the effects of even one dose of CoQ-Quinol, which is fully reduced ubiquinol 102 mcg per 1/4th tsp. (stabilized CoQ-10 29mg).
CoQ-Quinol has been produced by Dr. Marshall's revolutionary patent pending nanization process that brings normally unstable super nutrients to a stable, yet super biologically available form via a proprietary, probiotic fermentation process.

This is one of my all time favourite nutrients because it has so many benefits for anyone. This type of CoQ10 offers superior benefits. CoQ-Quinol can provide immediate results (often felt in seconds!) not to mention  the substantial, long-term benefits for the immune system and support for the heart and circulation, healthy blood pressure, nervous system and brain function. All this as well as proven anti-aging properties and the side effects of increased energy and a boost in your body's ability to detoxify.

Not really a new product, but one of our ever popular Miessence basics.

Here is a wee video by Narelle about the Miessence deodorants, this is such a simple product but so effective, if you think you have tried all the so called natural deodorants and they "just don't work" then we urge you to give one of these a go, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Flash Animation

Here is the page on our website if you are ready to use the best little deodorant in the west!

Miessence Deodorants

Health snippets(International News)
Here is a short article that highlights why we should be super vigilant when it comes to letting our guard down or becoming complacent about genetic modification. The posibility of cross pollenation has always been an issue that the GM promoters talk down and suggest they have it under control - how rediculous to think those growing GM crops can "contain pollen" - do we all look that stupid!

First Wild Canola Plants With Modified Genes Found in United States.

"Scientists at the University of Arkansas and their colleagues have found populations of wild plants with genes from genetically modified canola in the United States.

Globally, canola can interbreed with 40 different weed species, and 25 percent of those weeds can be found in the United States. These findings raise questions about the regulation of herbicide resistant weeds and about how these plants might compete with others in the wild.

Here is a link to the full article

Deadly antibiotic-resistant E. coli

Scientists speaking at a conference today will reveal shocking new levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in intensively reared farm animals that have the potential to spread to humans. [1]

Philip Lymbery, from Compassion in World Farming, said:“The intensification of agriculture, with pigs and poultry kept in cramped, unhygienic conditions, and dairy cattle pushed harder and harder to produce more milk, has led farmers to rely on hugely important antibiotics to treat the diseases this is causing. We are now getting the evidence that this has real implications for human health too. It is high time that Defra stopped downplaying the evidence and realised that the only way to address this problem is to start keeping farm animals in more natural and less intensive ways.”

The Vitamin C saga continues...
There has been more TV exposure about this absolutely critical basic nutrient since our last newsletter and we would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Am I missing something obvious, or does our health system appear a little "closed" when it comes to the subject of high dose intravenous Vitamin C? Our health officials seem to be playing (unfairly) with our freedom of choice, don't let them get away with it!


The Blushield product is our latest, improved unit to combat Electro-stress you know you're soaking in it?......
We can now use cutting edge understanding and technology to combat the negative impact port.jpg"cutting edge technology" is causing.

You can't see it, smell it or hear it, but we are surrounded in all manner of electrical energy, and this IS causing more problems than most people are aware of.

Protect you and your family now!

SAVE $21 this month off the Blushield Portable, not $120 but only $99, the portable is so handy, take it with you in your car, to work, on a plane, create a safe environment wherever you may be
Click here for the September Special Offer.


Thanks again for being with us,

Yours in good health, 


Susanne & Gary


PS: Let us take this opportunity to thank you again for your continued support and don't forget to forward the newsletter onto anyone who may find it of interest, take care S & G  :)

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