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Health & Wellbeing Newsletter June #2 2020

Hello dear friends,

In this issue:

  • Mens Health Week?

  • What sort of Vitamin C should I use?

  • Our YOUTUBE pick for today.

  • This weeks specials.

Hi folks,

First up,

We have been given an opportunity for a short period to reach out to our customers a little more often, so with this in mind, I would love for you to feed back to me what topics you are interested in hearing about? Is there a condition you have questions about? Is there a treatment or product/s that you would like to learn more about, as I have said in the past - I create this newsletter for YOU, let me know what's on your list :)

Why are guys so stubborn?
Men’s Health Week starts on the 15th June, slap bang in the middle of the year. And as guys are known for being a little slow when it comes to taking care of themselves, I thought now might be a good time to highlight a number of things.

MenAs we age, this includes both men and women, we start to realise that our bodies are changing, they are shifting right beneath our eyes and performance of some of the most basic of things can become somewhat compromised.

It may be that we can't quite move or respond with the same lightning speed that we used to, or that the range of motion of joints or limbs is restricted, even painful, we start to need glasses to read the small print (and even the bigger stuff if the light isn't just right), you may have been prescribed medication that has side effects, and then there may even be performance issues in the bed.  Oh no, not that subject, I thought that was kind of "taboo" - can we really talk about "THAT"?

Us men are really good at "being tough, and "getting on with things" and have that "it doesn't affect me anyway", attitude, while this type of attitude may be OK at times, when it comes to our body - we do need to be listening to its messages and taking action wherever appropriate. We don't necessarily have to just "put up with it", in fact learning about the subtle signs and signals our body may be sending out, is always important - and perhaps more so as we get a few years under our belts.

My hope is that Men’s Health week is something that could spur some of you guys into action – not a bad thing at all. Men’s health of course covers all areas and all ages, there may even be events near you or online that could give you insight into something important(or perhaps worrying) to you?  Whether its mental health, dietary attitudes, fitness levels, spiritual well-being, exercises for those chained to a desk or addictions there is a long list of possibilities, and now is a great time to initiate an exploration.

An area of statistical importance is heart disease, still a number one killer globally, and unfortunately men are ranking higher than women in general for the developed world, cardiovascular disease develops 7 to 10 years later in women than in men, but is still a major cause of death for both sexes.

This area of health has been a focus for many years by our health advisors, and while things have improved, WE ARE LIVING LONGER, BUT CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE REMAINS OUR BIGGEST KILLER AND MOST EXPENSIVE DISEASE. 1 in every 3 deaths in NZ are from cardiovascular disease. The rates in NZ are slightly better than Scotland, on a par with England, and worse than Australia.

While diet and lifestyle are obviously key contributors, ethnicity, gender, personal or family history of heart attack or stroke may also be risk factors, its reassuring to know there are some potent products available that may be helpful when it comes to preventing or even reversing some of the aspects of heart health overall.

With our focus on the guys in this article I am going to mention a combination that in fact has some valid science backing its use in a number of areas, this could include support for:

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Metabolic health - blood sugar management

  • Cardioprotective

  • Pain management

  • Balancing cholesterol levels

  • Healthy Blood lipids

  • Healthy liver

  • Healthy aging

  • Healthy immune system

Yes, there are studies that have been completed in all of these areas relative to this formulation, so its definitely something to consider.

Bergamet banner-496

Progressive heart specialists are starting to use this product to great affect, and the results are very exciting  when compared to the "standard" medicines prescribed by the majority, and you get the benefits without the all too common side effects. I will probably continue the conversation in the next newsletter about cardiovascular health, as you can imagine this is a big topic.

So guys, if I could direct you to a product that could:

  • Support your Cardiovascular system

  • Support healthy Cholesterol levels

  • Support healthy blood sugar levels

  • Support artery health and circulation

  • Support a healthy immune system

What would you do?  The product in fact has on the lable that it is a "Natural Male Enhancer and Cardio Health" formula, so yes, there are a couple of nutrients/herbs that may enhance blood flow and testosterone and hence boost both sexual arousal and stamina.
The manufacturers even claim that this product is "The most powerful natural male enhancer and cardio health product on the market". That's a big claim, and they can do this due to the science behind both the formulation and each ingredient.

Bergamale-975So whats it called? The product I am alluding to is called BergaMale and a key component is a highly concentrated extract from Calabrian citrus/oranges bergamot fruit known under the brand Bergamet.  Frequent publications in prestigious journals and presentations at worldwide congresses have revealed striking benefits with effects of Bergamet on cholesterol, blood sugar and vascular health while addressing the worldwide epidemic of metabolic syndrome and fatty liver conditions.

I really like products like this that have loads of real science behind them, and yet are so simple in their eventual formulation and administration - 2 tablets a day, and job done!

So guys, whether you have identified a risk in your life, want to add something into your routine to enhance your energy or keep you protected as you age, or you are in fact suffering with some degree erectile dysfunction, I would urge you to take advantage of the special we have right now.

Here is a comment from a very satisfied customer from a colleague - "I am a 57 year old male with diabetes. Since starting BergaMale some 5 weeks ago my sexual appetite has risen and my PSA is much lower. It has had a positive effect on my blood glucose levels and my daily energy levels have improved"

BergaMetProI will finish with a quote from Dr Ross Walker, Cardiologist, see below for our limited time offer special, and do the right thing for yourself now, and into your future.

"It is my opinion that BergaMet Pro is the most important natural substance for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease that has been available over the past thirty to fifty years." Dr Ross Walker

Bergamet-Pro BergaMale, what a great product! Take advantage of this months SPECIAL, see the listing at the bottom of the newsletter

PS: Oh, and ladies - if you are feeling left out, don't worry, there is a product called BergaFemme that delivers a combination specific for you, drop me a line if you would like to find out more.

Should I still be using Vitamin C?

Immune system support immediately comes to mind when we think of vitamin C, but this nutrient has a host of roles in various tissues and systems beyond bolstering immune defences. It has been talked about alot in some circles regards the current pandemic, and yes, it's still an important nutrient.

As with all nutrients our body needs, they are involved in more than just one role, Vitamin C for example is a cofactor for enzymes involved in our body's production of serotonin - that feel good, happiness neurotransmitter, because of this, adequate vitamin C levels may help individuals maintain a positive mental outlook and mount a healthy response to everyday stress.

Liposomes-551The "form" of vitamin C that is being talked about alot these days is "liposomal". Its a buzz word in our industry and this technology is now at a level of understanding that we know the really good companies out there are finally able to do this right so that if we choose to go to this type of Vitamin C - Liposomal Vitamin C - it is in fact delivering a good dose of Vitamin C that we can actually use.

My choice right now is another clean, effective product from the Designs for Health team.

Liposomal Delivery Technology

Liposomal technology is a proprietary process developed for optimal absorption and bioavailability. Liposomes are spheres made of phospholipids—the same primary building blocks of cell membranes, thats what surrounds every cell in your body, a layer of fat(lipids). Liposomes bond easily with cell membranes to deliver their nutrient cargo and this is the key with a water soluble nutrient like Vitamin C. Liposomes are extremely tiny particles, which allows for fast absorption, starting in the mouth and are delivered through microscopic, more stable, single-layer spheres, made from the highest quality ingredients available.

If you know your diet may not be supplying enough good quality, fresh fruit, then this is a way to get a good clean dose of Vitamin C. Of course it's a single nutrient so there is still a place for products like Daily C powder with its range of other co-factors.

Designs for Health Liposomal Vitamin C liquid is also on special for you guys right now, see the special at the bottom of the newsletter and get in while you can.


What about YouTube?
Here is our choice for a few minutes on YOUTUBE today, "JP" has created some very funny and clever videos that we have been enjoying lately. We are all encouraged(in some circles) to have our own opinions, but if you consider the absurdity of this crazy "covid19" time from his perspective, maybe you will start to get a clearer view of things? I hope you enjoy this one :)


The risks of 5G
I forgot to mention this one last time. A very important and topical event that goes into some depth with scientists, researchers and Doctors all adding in their knowledge and concerns regards the roll out of 5G technology.

The summit is in fact running right now, but the good news is that if you register you will get access to a complete re-run of the whole series that will be aired next weekend, June 13th.

Use the link to register and Unlock Martin Pall’s 127-page eBook, 5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective, and discover the science that telecoms don't want us to know!

5G Summit Worldwide Call to Action

5G20 banner attend 600x150

Mind, Body & The Vagus Nerve Connection Summit: June 15-21, 2020
The next event is a week away, but if you know anyone with any degenerative condition, even things like Parkinsons, this could be important. The concept is that you CANNOT properly address health issues -- like gut, immune system or brain disorders -- WITHOUT optimizing vagus nerve function.

Join me and learn to ACTIVATE the vagus nerve to REBALANCE your nervous system and help boost your immune system and overall health! Many people in this modern world overstimulate their nervous systems and become desensitized to chronic stress. Over time, this can lead to low vagal tone, which has been linked to a variety of mental and physical health issues, including chronic inflammation, neurodegeneration, poor gut function, autoimmunity and cancer.

And we know this to be true: you cannot FULLY heal leaky gut, microbiome function or brain issues WITHOUT optimizing your vagus function...

--->>Learn to rebalance your nervous system when you attend this complimentary, online event!

ETX20 banner attend 600x150 (1)

Leaky Brain.
Many of you will be familiar with or have heard the term "Leaky Gut", but do you realise that if there is a leaky gut issue - the same is likely to be happening in the brain. This one runs fro
m June 29 - July 5, 2020.

Caused by various lifestyle factors -- infections, stress, trauma, poor diet, environmental toxins -- leaky brain is treatable and preventable!

Join me for an important and informative FREE online event to learn what can be done about this all too common condition.

Sign up now and get in early with a FREE EBook gift that reveals 13 steps to balancing your brain chemistry.

--->>Download your complimentary eBook, 13 Steps to Balancing Your Brain Chemistry without Dangerous Prescription Medication!

LKY20 social share reg gift 1-170

Our bodies are amazing and complex chemical machines and are biologically designed to restore and heal themselves. But when they are burdened with chemical toxins, unhealthy food or unknown infections, our bodies and brains can become ill -- without intervention, those illnesses can develop into chronic health problems.

Everyday exposure to environmental interferences can result in defective cell function which can lead to:

  • Dementia

  • Alzheimer’s

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • And, sadly, more…

But there is hope! Removing and minimizing these environmental interferences can get your body and brain "engines" working again WITHOUT dangerous prescription medication.

--->>>Learn more about leaky gut, and how to evaluate the health of your brain when you attend this online event!  Get the eBook by registering now.

We are loving the results with customers all over. BOOK A SESSION NOW!
The distance testing that I have developed is showing great results, so if you are feeling "stuck" and are needing guidance on your own "protocol, now is a great time to refine what you are doing, and do remember we love referrals, so don't hesitate to send friends or family to for their health needs.

The best and most efficient way to make contact will be through this email address:

Andy will run another 5 day challenge Monday June 15th – Friday 19th June, 2020 called "🔑"The Business of being YOU! - Free 5 Day Immersion"🔑 
If you are interested in joining the challenge CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE AND REGISTER.

Andy is also offering some great free content in her FB group called Being Unapologetically You - with Andy Pentecost- Beck, so have a look, join the group, and have some fun.
Andy goes live regularly on a Monday morning and the topic this morning (at 11am NZ time) is:

"How aware are you of those things you can't see? And how does it impact on your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing?"

PRODUCT and shipping.

If there is something you are wanting, I suggest you email me first, I can check our stocks and then let you know the best thing to do. We have been told by our couriers to expect delays - anything between 5-10 days is normal at present, so we do appreciate your patience.

So far our key suppliers seem to be recovering well from the big demand during last month before the lockdown, there are still some products that remain out of stock so message me with your requirements.  Thanks for your understanding.

A new product from MaximumWellbeing

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Please do share this with anyone you know who may be struggling.
We have developed a 12 month program to walk closely with people and take them through creating a healthy eating, healthy thinking, healthy living lifestyle. Getting rid of toxic thinking along with cleaning up all aspects of their life is a big task for many, and this is where our experience and understanding will support them and move them to a different place in their lives.
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SPECIALS of the month

The SPECIALS we have been able to organise and are offering right now cover the two products mentioned above, save 20% while stock lasts.

Bergamale-975IMMUNE SUPPORT, with Liposomal Vitamin C from Designs For Health and the CardioProtective mens formula BergamotPro product known as BergaMale.

LipoC-250Strictly while stocks last we are able to offer a 20% discount on both, if these are of interest please don't wait as it will strictly be first in line if stocks are exhausted.

Thanks for your support!

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We are here to help.
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Yours in good health

Love from Gary and Andy

Andy Pentecost, Intuitive Life & Biz Coach/Author/Animal Communicator
Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

Maximum Wellbeing Clinic

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