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Health & Wellbeing Newsletter November 2019

Hello friends,

In this issue:
  • Here we go - only how many days till.........!!?
  • Get a look at our BEST OFFER EVER! - This is not hype, please check it out!
  • Product highlights from the Website - 
  • Coming Up, Our new program!

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we
have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive
- Les Brown.

Good day to you all, November, and we are seeing it already, the rush towards that special time of the year, when we all get stressed to the max because of some chubby dude in a red onesy, let it go folks, it's just another day, and there will be more for most of us. We may have something that will AMAZING offer we have NEVER been able to offer before - over $100 worth of FREE stuff! If you can't wait, here is the link with almost $110 worth of FREE STUFF.

Let's read on...... 

Stress, ,adrenal fatigue, what do these terms really mean?

Stress, burnout, fatigue, has your get-up-and-go, got-up-and-gone?

I have spoken on this topic in the past, and it keeps coming up, quite simply because this is a BIG issue for many people, and importantly, I know we can help make a BIG difference.

Today I will go over a little of what we know, what can be done, and what I know has made a difference.

Stress related Adrenal Fatigue is so common that an estimated 80% or more of people in Western
developed nations worldwide suffer from it at some time in their lives, unfortunately conventional medicine
still does not recognise, adequately diagnose or treat this debilitating fatigue and stress syndrome. Yes,
it’s a syndrome, and this means it will often be multifaceted which makes it a difficult condition to assess
or diagnose.

The important thing to understand is this, stress comes in many different forms, and the effect of stress is
not isolated to what happens with a person’s mental health. It also takes a physical toll on the body.
Regardless of the types of stress, our physiological response is the same - the adrenal glands are sent a
message and it causes a release of Inflammatory hormones, this immediately increases cardiovascular
and cancer risk, just to name two major concerns.

Do YOU have any of these conditions?
Once Adrenal Fatigue sets in, you may become susceptible to a long list of health complaints including
respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other immune

Manifestations of adrenal fatigue:
Anxiety, anger (short-fuse), irritability, depression
Arthritic pain
Adult-onset diabetes - Type 2 Diabetes
Auto-immune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, ulcerative colitis, many more)
Confusion, poor concentration, and memory recall
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Cravings for salt or sweet foods
Decreased immune response - recurrent coughs, colds, flu
Difficulty during menopause (the adrenals take over the role of the ovaries after menopause)
Fatigue in spite of sufficient sleep
Frequent respiratory infections
Hypoglycemia - erratic or abnormal blood sugar levels (very common)
Increased fears, anxiety, and depression
Libido issues
Premenstrual tension
Post viral syndromes (history of glandular fever)
Reliance on stimulants such as coffee, tea, energy drinks
Reliance on alcohol to "unwind"
Reliance on sleeping pills, antidepressants, and a host of other pharmaceutical medications related to stress-induced diseases.
Thyroid problems (many hypothyroid patients potentially have Adrenal Fatigue)
Weight gain

If any of this sounds like you, here are some simple tips on what to do to help.

Thinking about all the things you need to get done each day is an easy way to feel
overwhelmed, most of us will operate far more efficiently by having a system that allows us to
plan our days. Create a “to do list” and be gentle on yourself as you work through things and if
you don’t get it all done, put it in your planner for the next day. Don’t beat yourself up if everything
doesn’t get done.

This is the paradox of our modern age where we are so connected, that we actually feel disconnected.
The best thing to do is get disciplined about having time out from our devices, if possible go into the
evening with your cell phone, tablet or laptop turned off and shutdown. Try getting out for a walk, or turn
your hand to something for you, it could be as simple as reading a good book or favourite magazine. I
suggest you do this in small “bites”, perhaps try just twice a week to start with and you may be surprised
at how relaxed you find yourself.

This is so simple and so basic, and yet can be so beneficial. With stress in our lives we tend to breath
very inefficiently, we need oxygen and lots of it. You will find all sorts of breathing techniques available,
ayurveda and yoga books and videos can be great to show the way, you could even start with something
as simple as closing your eyes, taking a breath and counting to 10 while exhaling slowly. Find a way to
spend just a few minutes a day to regather yourself with mindful breathing.

We all know it is the one thing that we should do, but often it’s the last to be put into your
routine. If you can make the effort and get your heart pumping at least 3 times a week for 30
minutes or more there will be benefits. If you have a partner or buddy to exercise with this can
be particularly helpful, and try something that you enjoy or try something you hadn’t thought of -
running is not everyone’s choice, look at swimming, cycling, yoga or pilates: it will be worth
every second and will get easier.

Life can get boring when we have so many “things” to do, so it is great to rekindle an old hobby
or even try something completely new. Find something that you really enjoy, some sort of art or
craft, playing music whatever it is that you know can bring you joy. Do not feel that this is a
selfish approach, it is in fact critical to put you first and it’s not about excluding anyone else, but
importantly including you in your life.

When we are stressed many of us will turn off the creativity of producing tasty, healthy meals and
so we tend to reach for the less than desirable foods. It's here that we will benefit from making
small consistent improvements, healthy food choices, not wholesale changes that we are
unlikely to maintain over time. Make it easy and begin by adding fresh fruit and vegetables into
your day. Set a target of 3 fresh fruits or vegetables added to your diet each day for a week.
Discipline yourself to drink small amounts of water regularly throughout the day, aim for
approximately 1.5-2 litres of water a day. Commit to getting a full 8 hours of sleep a night. Start
small and keep working on it each day, each week, you don’t climb a mountain in one giant
step, it’s one step at a time.

Whatever it is that you decide to change, just go slow, ensure what you are changing can be maintained
and remember it’s about one step at a time, slow and steady will get you to where you want to be.

On top of these tips, it may be totally appropriate to support your system nutritionally in a very targeted way.
To help support you through to the end of the year we have been able to negotiate a deal like never before!

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One of Dr. Wilson’s patients had been to 37 doctors before she was finally helped by a doctor who knew about
adrenal fatigue, and recognised her problems. 

What you nadrenal-fatigue-book-front-cover-199x300-639eed to know is that the brains behind the creation of the ARQ is one of the most well respected physicians on the planet when it comes to the health(or not) of your adrenals. His products are unique, and we have seen the benefits for many people over the years the protocol has been available through our clinic.

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An exciting looking event coming up real soon, another topic that does affect many people across society that dovetails nicely into my article above about adrenal fatigue.

ANXIETY has become the defining mental health issue of our decade -- with or without a diagnosis -- women are affected at twice the rate of men, and more children and young adults are now stressed and anxious more than ever before. Join us to learn solutions! --->>Click here to join me at The Anxiety Summit (free & online)!

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The Anxiety Summit: Gut-Brain Axis taking place on November 11-17, 2019 — over 35 experts teaching you more about the ways poor gut health could trigger anxiety.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS SNIPPETS. Its official - we work internationally :)

We are still working with customers all over. BOOK A SESSION NOW!
We are still here, and still able to help with both of us really tuning in with our distance healing, don't feel you are alone, an email is all it takes to get the ball rolling, so stay in touch and don't be afraid to reach out.
I have also managed to get more of my clinical "bits and pieces" and so am now offering face to face naturopathic appointments from our Sunshine Beach base.

Our website is still very much open for business, so please do continue to support us when you can, we love referrals, so don't hesitate to send friends or family to for the health needs.
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Associated with our latest offering is our new FaceBook page.

Our big initiative while here in Australia is to offer our support to those couples who may have a diagnosis of "non specific infertility".

Essentially couples who may have been trying to get pregnant for 12 months or more, and for whatever reason, it just isn't working.
We are working together to bring a unique type of support to this group, and feel privileged to be able to work with couples in this situation.

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What about YouTube?

YouTubeA music break
Apparently this song is in the top 10 of youtube views - over 2 billion!
Have a break, turn up your sound and enjoy a little bit of 


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We are here to help.
To find out more about any of our products, or to make an online appointment, please send an email to, we would love to "speak" with you!

Yours in good health

Love from Gary and Andy

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Andy Pentecost, Transformational Life Coach/Author/Animal Communicator
Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

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