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If you use a B Vitamin thats great, but how well does it work for you?

In this issue:
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We are already well into Autumn but it seems we have only just managed to get our breath back from all the Christmas and New Year excitement, how are you coping with the day to day stresses that are common place for many of us?

Are you running out of energy but already taking a B Vitamin?

What is it about B Vitamins?  We are all familiar with the image of the stressed Mum or stressed professional grimacing with their head clasped in their hands. Is this you?

Super Adrenal Stress Formula is an amazing product with so many applications and one of Dr. Wilson’s most successful formulations to date. But why?
Because it was not only designed with the fatigued and stressed patient in mind, but is an excellent all-round B vitamin complex.

Many of you will be taking a B-complex for stress, but may be Super Adrenal Stress Formula.jpgpurchasing a generic product such as Berocca® made by Bayer. Whilst this product does contain B vitamins(not to mention the sweeteners, colours and salts to make it fizz), it does not contain sufficient amounts to give patients the energy they really desire.

As an example, Berocca® only contains 23mg of vitamin B5 per tablet, as opposed to 240mg per tablet contained in Super Adrenal Stress Formula. But why the need for high amounts of vitamin B5?
Pantothenic acid, (vitamin B5) is the most important B vitamin for stress and energy production. Let’s take a look at some of the important functions of B5.

Whenever there is insufficient vitamin B5:
  • there is impaired energy production due to low CoA levels, which causes
  • symptoms of irritability, fatigue, and apathy. Synthesis of the body’s most abundant neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, is greatly reliant on pantothenic acid and whenever B5 levels are compromised, therefore, neurological symptoms will appear. They can include numbness, tingling, paresthesia, and muscle cramps.
  • Deficiency in pantothenic acid can also cause hypoglycemia, or an increased sensitivity to insulin.
  • Additional symptoms include: adrenal insufficiency, restlessness, malaise, sleep disturbances, and abdominal cramps.
  • It has been noted that painful burning sensations of the feet were reported in tests conducted on volunteers deprived of B5.

For restless leg syndrome and burning feet in women you will find Super Adrenal Stress Formula a useful product. You may need to take 3 to 4 tablets per day with meals in this situation. We have found this product also excellent in carpal tunnel syndrome.

One of the secrets of success with Super Adrenal Stress Formula is that it has been carefully formulated to include 10 mgs of L-5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) per tablet as well as added chromium, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc, choline, kelp, bioflavonoids, biotin, folic acid, magnesium, vitamins A,C and E as well as the B vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6, Biotin and PABA. The feedback we have received since we introduced this product is that it is one of the most effective B vitamin formulations many have used. If you haven't tried this amazingly effective formula yet you may want to take advantage of our April Offer at the bottom of the page.

New Products at

PollenVitality-16a.jpgA new addition to our shop is a product we have used ourselves for many years, a great wholefood from our friends the honey bees.
Fresh Bee Pollen, natures own multivitamin/mineral, collected by a family who operate throughout the Waikato and King Country and produce a wonderful pure, fresh product that you can use with confidence.

Health snippets(International News)

Kids' Asthma Worse When Sad or Depressed

In the traditional Chinese system of medicine, the lungs are considered to be the organ of grief and sadness.
Recent research conducted by Dr. Bruce Miller and his colleagues at State University of New York at Buffalo appears to bear this out. Miller had 90 kids with asthma watch the movie ET: The Extraterrestrial and measured their lung function after ward. Half of the children, aged 7 to 17, were also depressed. Those with asthma and depression had worse lung function (more airway resistance) after sad scenes in the movie.
In those without depression breathing patterns were more normal. Miller notes that parents should be aware that sadness may exacerbate breathing difficulties in asthmatic children.
(this article was provided by our colleagues at FXMed)
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2009;124:66-73

Australian Certified Organic receives national award.

The Australian Certified Organic organisation is in in the spotlight ACO-logo.gifwith a recent award. This is the same logo you see on our certified organic Miessence products. To read the article click here

New biodegradable polymers.

NewsImage_20952.jpg A new discovery could lead the way towards producing a whole new type of bio-compatible and compostable "plastics". This is an area that has been a focus for many years - trying to eliminate the unsightly and toxic plastics from all corners of the environment.
The challenge of course is to make sure no "new" chemicals are produced as by-products from this green chemistry development. We all know the way plastic has been used and "disposed of" in the past has created a huge problem, just take a look at the particulate samples taken from our oceans - all of it is contaminated with some form of plastic - so lets keep our fingers cross we are close to a change.

Read the report by clicking here



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Thanks again for being with us,

Yours in good health, 

Susanne & Gary

PS: Thanks again for your continued support and don't forget to forward the newsletter onto anyone who may find it of interest, take care S & G  :)

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