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In this issue:
  • Is your body balanced or too acidic?
  • Products highlights from the Website -
  • Health snippets - From around the world.
  • September Special Deal

September and with it Spring time for us here in the Southern Hemisphere, the colour returns to the country side and we can all start revealing our bodies to the warm sunshine once again.
Its time to start opening up the windows and airing out the home as well as opening up our eyes, ears and hearts and allow the love that surrounds you in.
Take the opportunity as it arises to enjoy what you have and be an example of "goodness" in your life.

Acid, thats the stuff that burns isn't it?

Acidcorrosive_sign.jpgWhat is acidity? Does it effect me? How do I know? What can be done about it?
I am sure you have all come across information from time to time that talks about health and the balance of alkaline and acid for our body. Its a simple concept, but still causes confusion for some and is certainly no less important now than it has ever been. This is nothing to do with the acidity of your stomach and doesn't relate to foods that taste acidic - like lemons, lemons and lemon juice are in fact highly alkalising.

Many studies confirm the link between the urinary pH and the renal acid load and the term acidity is quite simply telling us how much of our diet is finally broken down to acids (proteins are made up of amino acids and therefore breakdown to leave a greater amount of metabolised "acid" while the basis of green vegetables as an example are simple minerals such as potassium and bicarbonate).
All the fluids of our body are kept within a certain range of pH, the blood pH is maintained in a very tight range of between 7.35 - 7.45 in healthy people. Urinary pH will vary more and is an easier and perhaps more important measure for the purposes being discussed. Quite simply it shows how hard the kidneys have to work to keep the bloodstream in the healthy range.

Here are some of the problems with a body system that is out of balance and too acidic.
  • An acid pH drains us of energy and prevents stored energy reserves from being used.
  • Calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, the alkaline buffer minerals, may be leached from bone mass, causing osteoporosis, bone degeneration and cavities in teeth.
  • Protein may be leached from muscles causing muscle loss.
  • An acidic pH of the tissues results in lack of available oxygen.
So when the pH is too low, the body cleverly pulls minerals from  a variety of body tissues - bone or muscle - and as our reserves of the alkaline buffering minerals are used up in the battle to maintain an alkaline pH then acidity prevails and that begins the downward journey into disease. In fact it has been said by many physicians over time that acidity in itself is a major cause of disease - if we treat the acidity we are in affect treating the disease.

Experience shows people with degenerative diseases are seriously acid with a urine pH of 4.5 to 5.3.  At this level of acidity minerals are not absorbed, enzymes are difficult to maintain causing dysfunction and oxygen is severely depleted.

And it goes on, with a difficulty in producing some of the enzymes in the small intestine to stay balanced. The small intestine then becomes too acidic to digest foods optimally. The pancreas, gallbladder and liver are then forced to make up for this deficiency in order to metabolise foods properly. This has a direct bearing on metabolic enzyme production, which is literally involved in every biochemical reaction in the body. The result is lowered immune function, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, absorption and digestive problems, etc. Sound like anyone you know?

Bonetissue.JPGThe bones will leach calcium, the most alkaline mineral. This can lead to reduced absorption of supplemental mineral
s and bone density problems, do you know anyone with osteoporosis!? What was that? So to repeat, if your system is too acidic and you are taking a calcium supplement to keep your bones healthy, you are probably not even able to assimilate the calcium!

Calcium is one of the most alkalising minerals available.  There is more calcium in our body than any other mineral and it comprises ninety percent of our bone structure.  So it is understandable that studies have shown around 150 diseases to be a direct result of calcium deficiency.

For some, insulin levels increase and fat is stored instead of being metabolised. Now don't tell me I am the only one who notices that a huge percentage of our population seem to be developing significant "love handles" and that this is not a problem.
When malnutrition or starvation sets in, the body becomes acidic and as a safety, insulin is over produced so that all available calories are stored as fat for future use. As a result, weight gain is common and weight loss becomes more difficult.

Electrolyte imbalances occur which have a direct bearing on the “fluid transport system”. I hope I don't need to harp on about the importance of minerals, you should know the drill by now!
Electrolytes are important because they are what the cells, especially the nerve, heart and muscle cells use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes. Without this electrical activity at cell level things just don't work.

So by now you have a pair of kidneys that are working excessively and this in turn places additional stress on the liver, gall
bladder, pancreas and other organs. Is it any wonder the maintenance of a healthy pH in a healthy way is pretty important!

What happens with changes in pH: The following shows what happens as the pH level alters.
  7.0:- is ideal, all body functions should be functioning optimally
  6.5:- is OK, functions are working well, increase vegetable intake a bit
  6.0:- absorption of minerals, vitamins, enzymes is somewhat impaired
  5.5:- greater impairment of nutrients, degenerative changes are beginning
  5.0:- absorption and utilization of nutrients is impaired, degeneration occurs
  4.5:- here we will find cancer, arthritis, diabetes, serious health problems
  4.0:- all metabolic functions are essentially non-functional. Almost all those with degenerative diseases will have this very acid condition.

phteststrips_1.jpgObviously maintaining the proper pH in the blood, digestive tract, tissues and fluids is essential to support maximum wellbeing and so the first thing is to of course monitor the pH, this is very easy by using a pH test strip or dipsticks.

Take a sample from the first urine in the morning and record over a number of days to find your base. You can test at various times through the day to see how much fluctuation there is and how your body responds to different foods. As you alter your diet or supplement regime you can use the pH test strips to see the changes along the way. If dietary changes alone don't show a significant shift you will need more minerals.

If you want some test strips they are cheap and available from our store.

If your pH is consistently low or less than 6.5 then there are some essential things to do to raise pH to 6.6 or higher. It is important to understand that your pH will tend to vary even more if your mineral status is marginal. The buffering minerals do as the name suggests, they buffer your pH so it is less likely to have the extreme lows.

  • increase organically grown raw fruit and veges to 60-70% of EVERY meal.
  • seriously reduce, or even eliminate … all dead animals(sorry but thats what meat is!) and most grains
  • use powdered barley grass juice, wheat grass juice, Lucerne/alfalfa grasses, chlorella, spirulina, bee pollen fairly generously.
DVcoralcalcium.jpgAlkaline buffer minerals:
Many of us are simply deficient in minerals and should ideally be using a simple mineral supplement to boost the short fall, the most important minerals are magnesium [Mg], potassium [K], calcium [Ca] and I find the
simplest way to get these minerals up is by using Coral Calcium Plus and/or liquid minerals like CMD or something similar.

Sodium bicarbonate: [Nabicarb or Baking Soda]
  • if pH is at say 5.5 then use ½ tsp Na bicarb(baking soda) in apple or black currant juice, 75 minutes after each meal.
  • if pH is around 4.5 then use a rounded tsp of Na bicarb 75 minutes after each meal. An Italian oncologist has reversed cancer with Na bicarb. Just imagine how much flack he must have been getting by using a cheap grocery item to reverse cancer. you can't do that, its Heresy!!
    Please note: The introduction of NaBicarb is a good way to get a shift, but ideally you will still be working to improve your overall mineral reserves
Get rid of heavy metals, spray residues, all chemicals in and on food, amalgam, plastics, radiation [protect yourself from cell phones etc]. All these things put more pressure on mineral status which in turn will show in the urine pH.

To summarise, we become acidic because:

  •  we eat too much acid foods, not enough alkaline foods. Get more of those great greens into you!
  •  we become deficient in alkaline buffer minerals - this is a big one, minerals minerals minerals!!
  •  we become deficient in bicarbonate - its a very important element for enzyme production in the Pancreas.
Here is a very rough guide of acidic foods and alternatives that are more alkaline, the general rule is the more processed or refined a food is the more likely it is to be acidic:
   Eliminate or reduce 
                                                  Replace with these
Red meat - beef and pork-----------------------------Fish, turkey, chicken - baked, grilled or roasted
White sugar-------------------------------------------Honey, maple syrup
White bread-------------------------------------------Fresh rye, stone-ground whole wheat flour
Processed cereals--------------------------------------Cooked whole grains
Processed or canned foods----------------------------Fresh foods, raw or lightly steamed 60%
Soft drinks, coffee, black tea, alcohol------------------Herb teas, fruit or vegetable juices
Table salt, black pepper--------------------------------Vegetable seasoning, kelp, Fortisalt
Cow’s milk products, homogenised/pasteurised--------Goat’s milk products, raw, tofu milk
Fried foods--------------------------------------------Raw or lightly steamed foods
Tap water----------------------------------------------Purified water - or distilled
Foods containing hydrogenated oils--------------------Foods containing natural oils

And as for a food based supplement that will push the minerals and chlorophyll levels to produce an alkalising effect the new DeepGreen powder from Miessence is hard to beat. This is sooo much more potent DeepgreenLarge_1.jpgthan the common Barley Grass or Wheat grass powders, they really don't compare. You can listen to a short video that talks about pH and DeepGreen here.

The Miessence team have gone to great lengths to deliver something different and a key difference with this formula is that the main ingredients are from Barley Grass and wheat Grass Juices - that is quite different to the dried grasses. Dried Barley grass for example has a significant of its percentage as cellulose fibre - and guess what, we don't have a stomach like a cow and so as a result we don't actually break down those fibres into anything of value, by having the grasses juiced first and then dried we eliminate ALL the cellulose and simply have the nutrients, chlorophyll, minerals and enzymes etc ready for our body to use. A far superior way to get the benefits of the green grasses.

See our monthly special for a great "freebie" while you work to improve your pH balance, see below.

What about YouTube?

Youtube1.jpgHere is the latest offering from a clip with David Attenborough.

Its called a lyre Bird, but liar bird might be more accurate, incredible!

Click here to watch the short video

Products Highlights from

I will make a mention here of an old favourite because of some new research that highlights ANOTHER benefit.

1100433_blood.jpgThe product is CoQ Quinol and the study suggests that the benefits of CoQ10 on LDL cholesterol levels may be linked to changes in the expression of specific genes. The powerful antioxidant may impact various gene networks associated with inflammation and cell differentiation.

So quite simply, researchers from the Institute of Human Nutrition and food Science (Germany) investigated the effects of CoQ10 after 2-weeks of supplementation in fifty-three healthy males.

All fifty-three healthy male volunteers, 21-48 years of age, received CoQ10 daily with each principal meal for 14 days.

Mean CoQ10 plasma levels increased 4.8-fold after supplementation. Biochemical and NMR-based analyses showed a reduction of low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol plasma levels after CoQ10 supplementation.

This effect was especially pronounced in atherogenic small dense LDL particles (19-21 nm, 1.045 g/L). Thats the type of cholesterol which leads to atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

Researchers conclude that CoQ10 induces characteristic gene expression patterns, which are translated into reduced LDL cholesterol levels in humans.

The PRL CoQ-Quinol is on special this month.

Health snippets(International News)

Farmageddon - The Movie
Americans’ right to access fresh, healthy foods of their choice is under attack. The movie Farmageddon tells the story of small family farms that were providing safe, healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop, sometimes through violent action, by agents of misguided government bureaucracies, and also seeks for reasons for this development.

Farmageddon highlights the urgency of food freedom, encouraging farmers and consumers alike to take action to preserve individuals’ rights to access food of their choice and farmers’ rights to produce these foods safely and free from unreasonably burdensome regulations. The film serves to put policymakers and regulators on notice that there is a growing movement of people aware that their freedom to choose the foods they want is in danger, a movement that is taking action with its dollars and its voting power to protect and preserve the dwindling number of family farms that are struggling to survive.
Here is a video clip about the movie

A new kind of fibre: innovative and sustainable
From oneco

Anke Domaske claims to be the first to have developed a man-made fibre that is completely stripped of all chemicals. The outcome is a fabric called QMilch®, which is derived from casein, a substance extracted from milk.

Organic milk that is not suitable for the food industry is used and due to its stability of shape and colour the fabric can be used in numerous areas, such as clothing and home textiles, the hotel and automobile industry or medical engineering. Its smooth texture as well as the preservation of the antibacterial and anti-allergenic amino acids make it especially suitable for allergy sufferers.
Within fashion the new protein fibre with its pleasant feel and a price below acrylics presents a revolutionary alternative to conventional silks. Last week Anke Domaske and her invention won the German textil+mode Innovation Award 2011 in the category innovative textiles.

Only organically produced natural fibres can fulfil the GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard) criteria for the organic fibre content. The fibres obtained from animal protein are regenerated fibres and therefore not natural fibres.

Even if the raw material – in this case the milk –was originally certified as organic, the fibre subsequently produced in the regeneration process cannot fulfil the GOTS criteria for or
ganic fibres. It will be interesting to see if some of the resellers go on to market this new product as "organic" like the various "bamboo" fibres, watch this space.

Environmental group sues for false labelling
Nothing new about this, we have talked about these types of things in the past, a couple of the brands mentioned in the report below have been sold in NZ Health Shops for years.
The Center for Environmental Health in the United States is suing 26 cosmetics companies that, in the opinion of the environmental group, have falsely labelled products like shampoos, soaps and face cleansing products as organic.

A legally binding guideline (California Organic Products Act of 2003) stipulates that organic cosmetics must contain a minimum of 70 % organic ingredients if they are to be described as organic.
The group recently accused the company Hain Celestial of falsely labelling its own brands Jason and Avalon Organics. Similar objections were raised in the case of the brand Kiss My Face.
No judgment has been delivered so far in any in these cases but lets hope they get what they deserve.

DEAL of the MONTH:

FortiSalt Logo.jpgTo encourage you to take up the September offer to "alkalise and thrive" we are offering a bottle of the wonderful Fortisalt FREE to the first 6 orders this month when ordering the Miessence Deepgreen Superfood. And we will freight these items FREE to all our NZ customers. For those of you who haven't tried the Fortisalt, its simply the healthiest way to "salt" your food, it will make your food taste better and improve your mineral intake too!

A customer recently mentioned that since using the Fortisalt she hasn't had the cramps that were quite common. Its not just salt but beneficial amounts of broad spectrum essential minerals.

Priced at $23.40 a bottle, with the FREE freight offer you will be saving pretty close to $30! This is a great deal, so get your order in now.


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Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter, its written for you, so if there is a topic or nutrient or problem you would like to "talk" about please do let us know.

Yours in good health,



Gary Beck, Naturopath,

Maximum Wellbeing

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