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Health & Wellbeing Newsletter June 2020

Hello dear friends,

In this issue:
  • Who is this guy that writes these newsletters?
  • If you aren't able to GET UP and Get Going, why not?
  • Our YOUTUBE pick for today.
  • A reminder of a simple but popular product for anxiety.

Hi friends,

First up,

Let me apologise for the newsletter last week - it was released before it was completed - but there is no way of recalling an email once it's gone, I will make sure this one is complete, even it it means working until late on a Sunday night.

I don't know about you, but off to a running start for the new Month, yes its June, the sixth month of the year and if you aren't running, pumping and going hard then it may be time to call on some help?

Reaching out to others isn't a sign of weakness - its just a sign that you need some help, and there are always plenty of people out there ready to lend a hand, we are supposed to be working together, and in fact those who succeed are experts at getting others to help with achieving their vision. So if you want help, ask for it :)

I participated in a Wellness event over the weekend and I realised that with many new subscribers on our list who are relatively new to the work I do, they probably don't really know who I am and why I do what I do.

So I am going to give you a summary of me, and hopefully from this I will be able to inspire you to take action for a more positive future.

Who is this guy?
First up, I am a kiwi guy, married to a kiwi girl, we are both young at heart and know we can bring our expertise, knowledge and skills to more people, and this is what we are both striving for presently (we have both been married before and have adult children from these previous relationships).

In my early working years I trained as an Electrician and have kept up my registration over all these years, I  completed my apprenticeship and promptly got on a flight to explore the world. I spent the best part of the next 4 years travelling and working through the UK, Europe, Africa, Canada and the USA. Travel opened my eyes to much of the beauty in our world, the different cultures and values in countries that differ from our own, and importantly for me antiquity and architecture that is so different to that of little old NZ.

Nature, geography, architecture and photography are interests of mine that have never dulled, and I feel blessed that we are surrounded with so much beauty - all we need to do is stop, look and listen - and we can always be amazed at what will emerge.

After my years of living abroad, I returned to NZ and for a period of time was a business partner in a company based in Auckland where we sold high class whiteware and appliances - I was good at this role, and always made it "my thing" to know the products I was selling, this is a trait that has stayed with me and is important in the work I continue to do, as they say, "knowledge is power".

I became a father and a husband, resigned from my company and started on a different path. I became the "house husband" and studied therapeutic massage(again I found something I was very good at).
I also studied and completed certification as a Building Biologist through what was then known as the Building Biology and Ecology Institute of New Zealand(BBEINZ). With my electrical background I also used this time to complete training as a ElectroBiology Inspector, one of only a very small number in the country at the time and trained with some amazing people with amazing skills and insights into health the human organism. I spent many hours researching and writing articles for the BBEINZ and was inspired with much of what I was learning about our built environment and sacred geometry. I was even fortunate enough to spend time learning from the top Building Biologists and Electrobiology specialists in Germany for a while and amassed a collection of instruments to measure all types of electric fields, magnetic fields, high frequency fields and so on. I became a specialist in this field and travelled throughout the North Island over the years to many homes and offices to assess and advise customers who were struggling with EMF's in general. My eyes were opened to the tremendous struggle some people endure just to get by. And there was a common thread - those who were sensitive to electrical energy, were also sensitive to chemicals, and it seemed the reverse of that was true also. I was doing all this almost 30 years ago, before everyone had cell phones and wifi and the plethora of cordless and bluetooth devices was common place, so I guess you could say I was a little ahead of my time. 

The use of the Blushield EMF protection devices and more recent development of our Maximum Wellbeing Bio-Energetic Max Disc are all associated with this work and research.

While still in Auckland I was involved with a number of "Mens Groups" and became a founding member of a telephone counselling service called "Mensline".

I moved away from the big city to a life as an "Organic Wholefoods" retailer in the Bay of Plenty, a store known as the Bethlehem Health Shop became my base foVegetableBasket-961r the next 5 years, and it was during these years I started and completed my Naturopathic Diploma. The 5 years of owning and working in the health food sector was a great grounding for learning about foods and supplements, and once again, my "thing" was know the products, to learn all about the hundreds(more like thousands) of products we sold. Herbs, homeopathy, foods and everything in between. I was like a sponge, soaking up all the information I could get my hands on about supplements and organic foods, chemicals used in food production and agriculture and much more.

And so, about 20 years ago, another move, this time a little further South to Taupo, and this was when I started into full time clinical practice - Taupo Natural Therapies was born and with it I took a new technology to the area and introduced "Live Blood Analysis". I was the first to offer this technology in both the BOP before leaving and also into the Taupo area at the time. I liked to offer something different and I became very adept at "reading" a blood sample, I was the guy with the fancy microscope. Taupo also saw the introduction of some clever Quantum Healing technology in the form of a system called a QXCI, but in clinic the system was always referred to as "Albert". An amazing piece of software and hardware that allowed me to work with people both directly or at a distance and look at their body from a quantum energy perspective.

Taupo was home for about ten yeIMG 4890-801ars, then a shift back North, first to Rotorua, which is where I met Andy, and changed my clinic name, and together we kept going and ended up operating Maximum Wellbeing out of Tauranga.
Maximum Wellbeing is still the "brand" and I have even been able to use this name in the creation of a couple of our own products that have been sold on Amazon in the USA for the last few years. We decided last year that we both wanted something more and so right now we are in the Sunshine Coast (avoiding another kiwi winter).

One of the things I became passionate about - and still am - is the reduction of toxins, chemicals and general pollutants in our food, homes and wider environment. My work put me in a position where I saw, and continue to see the insidious influence toxicity has on us all. From weird skin problems through to cancers, I have seen all sorts and so often the issue comes back to either the burden on the body of toxins in the form of foods or chemicals, and/or a deficiency that leaves the body struggling to effectively detoxify. It became my roll to inform our people - you people - about the problems, dangers and solutions for living and thriving in our "toxic world".ACO-logo

With this experience I have learnt the effective ways to deal with many of the toxins we are faced with, what to look for in our food to help "clean up" our diet and lifestyle and the tools that help replenish a depleted body. It sounds easy when we put it into a simple sentence, but of course for many of you, there is a lifetime of perhaps not so ideal living that may need to be overcome. I want to assure you it can be done, as long as you are prepared to make some changes.

In this day of cleverComparisondesertflower-932 marketing and green washing it is very easy to be fooled into thinking we are making the right choices, and this is still an important part of what I do - I help you decipher the slick marketing you may have seen about the latest greatest food or supplement or "product" that will save you and save the world.

It comes down to not only being able to read through the blurb to cut through the "crap", but also in having a way to "test" products, and for this I am very thankful. Over the years I have discovered brands and products that are true to their word and never compromise on ingredients, brands that are as pure as possible - and these are the ones I prefer to use. Nothing but the best for me and mine.

I would truly love to see the day when we have a clean environment, where toxic chemicals in agriculture and food production were simply not wanted and not used, we could trust that if something was available on a shelf in a store it would not only be safe for us to use or consume, but would also nourish our planet in some way. This is of course nothing more than a dream at this moment in time, but we do have power in our spending, we do have choices about what we eat and drink and think and I know we can do better than we are right now.

So that's a little about me, I hope it hasn't sent you to sleep, and I hope you know that if there is something you aren't sure about when it comes to your health, whether it's the choices you are making about diet, or you are considering making lifestyle changes but don't know where to start, or your aren't sure about the products you are using in your home or on your skin, or of course supplementation, maybe you have done some "self prescribing" and you don't know if you have it right? Well, I'm your man, all you need to do is reach out.

Don't trust the marketing, trust someone who knows how to cut through the crap and get down to what is real.
If you have lost your GET UP and GO, now is the time to change what you are doing. Make the call now!

What about YouTube?
Here is our choice for a few minutes on YOUTUBE today, a short talk with Dr Bruce Lipton.
Another inspirational talk that highlights a way forward in this crazy "covid19" time

What is it about a "Leaky Brain?"
Many of you will be familiar with or have heard the term "Leaky Gut", but do you realise that if there is a leaky gut issue - the same is likely to be happening in the brain.

Leaky brain is a BRAIN HEALTH issue that often goes undetected and can underlie stress, anxiety, depression, neurological disorders, brain degeneration and autoimmunity.

Caused by various lifestyle factors -- infections, stress, trauma, poor diet, environmental toxins -- leaky brain is treatable and preventable!

Join me for an important and informative FREE online event to learn what can be done about this all too common condition.

Sign up now and get in early with a FREE EBook gift that reveals 13 steps to balancing your brain chemistry.

Unlock this NEW 33-page eBook, 13 Steps to Balancing Your Brain Chemistry without Dangerous Prescription Medication, and learn how removing environmental interferences can help you optimize your health!

--->>Download your complimentary eBook, 13 Steps to Balancing Your Brain Chemistry without Dangerous Prescription Medication!
LKY20 social share reg gift 1-170

Our bodies are amazing and complex chemical machines and are biologically designed to restore and heal themselves. But when they are burdened with chemical toxins, unhealthy food or unknown infections, our bodies and brains can become ill -- without intervention, those illnesses can develop into chronic health problems.

Everyday exposure to environmental interferences can result in defective cell function which can lead to:
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • And, sadly, more…

But there is hope! Removing and minimizing these environmental interferences can get your body and brain "engines" working again WITHOUT dangerous prescription medication.

--->>>Learn more about leaky gut, and how to evaluate the health of your brain when you attend this online event!  Get the eBook by registering now.

ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, what can you do?
I have a number of customers who have found great relief from an easy to take homeopathic product that really has made a big difference for them, so even in this crazy, stressful time there are ways we can take the pressure off.
The most recent feedback was from a guy who is a single parent to twin boys, as you can imagine, his life has its challenges, here is his comment and picture - along with thoughts from his boys :)

"I suffer from really bad anxiety issues :( single father of twins so life can throw a curve ball alot :( 
so, it helps, thanks heaps"

The product, Heel NervoHeel has several elements in a homeopathic form and is a tablet that dissolves on the tongue, simple, safe, effective.


We are loving the results with customers all over. BOOK A SESSION NOW!
The distance testing that I have developed is showing great results, so if you are feeling "stuck" and are needing guidance on your own "protocol, now is a great time to refine what you are doing, and do remember we love referrals, so don't hesitate to send friends or family to for their health needs.

The best and most efficient way to make contact will be through this email address:

Andy will run another 5 day challenge Monday June 15th – Friday 19th June, 2020 called "🔑"The Business of being YOU! - Free 5 Day Immersion"🔑 
If you are interested in joining the challenge CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE AND REGISTER.

Andy is also offering some great free content in her FB group called Being Unapologetically You - with Andy Pentecost- Beck, so have a look, join the group, and have some fun.
Andy goes live regularly on a Monday morning and the topic this morning (at 11am NZ time) is:

"How aware are you of those things you can't see? And how does it impact on your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing?"

PRODUCT and shipping.

If there is something you are wanting, I suggest you email me first, I can check our stocks and then let you know the best thing to do. We have been told by our couriers to expect delays - anything between 5-10 days is normal at present, so we do appreciate your patience.

So far our key suppliers seem to be recovering well from the big demand during last month before the lockdown, there are still some products that remain out of stock so message me with your requirements.  Thanks for your understanding.

A new product from MaximumWellbeing

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Please do share this with anyone you know who may be struggling.
We have developed a 12 month program to walk closely with people and take them through creating a healthy eating, healthy thinking, healthy living lifestyle. Getting rid of toxic thinking along with cleaning up all aspects of their life is a big task for many, and this is where our experience and understanding will support them and move them to a different place in their lives.
If you want to have a look, or refer anyone to our program, visit or share our facebook page.

SPECIALS of the month

P.S. Don't miss out on the informative, 33-page eBook, "13 Steps to Balancing Your Brain Chemistry Without Dangerous Prescription Medication!

PhytoCIMMUNE SUPPORT, with a natural source of Vitamin C and save $$$
BioTrace Organic PhytoC

Strictly while stocks last we are able to offer a 20% discount on this wholefood, natural source of Vitamin C from the Amla Berry. One Amla berry contains as much vitamin C as two oranges and is also rich in nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, B Vitamins and antioxidants. 

Heel Nervoheel Nervoheel is ideal for people experiencing fatigue or exhaustion due to stress, overwork, or anxiety.
NervoHeelSpecifically formulated by Heel Homeopathics with Avena Sativa, Ignatia, and Valeriana, Nervoheel combines both herbal and mineral homeopathics to support healthy mood as well as the body's ability to cope with stress.

For the temporary relief of symptoms of nervous exhaustion such as depressed mood, mental exhaustion and sleeplessness.

Thanks for your support!

We love to share our knowledge and our skills, so if you have a question, or are struggling with an issue that just isn't going away or you simply feel a need for help, please do reach out.

We are here to help.
To find out more about any of the products, or to make an online appointment, please send an email to, we would love to speak to you!

Yours in good health

Love from Gary and Andy

Andy Pentecost, Intuitive Life & Biz Coach/Author/Animal Communicator
Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

Maximum Wellbeing Clinic

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