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Hi again friends,

In this issue:
  • Zinc and Selenium - important for those little "swimmers" and much more
  • Products highlights from the Website -
  • Health snippets - From around the world.
  • September Deal

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Zinc, Selenium, sperm and your prostate

Zn 1Can these things be related? There is a heap of science and research that shows us that Zinc and Selenium are involved in many activities with our body and typically the association with male health is very strong. Declines in the number of viable sperm seems to be a huge problem in our modern man, low Zinc levels don't make things any easier. A Zinc deficiency in men is characterised by decreased testosterone levels and corresponding low sperm counts, obviously this is not going to make it easy for those who are planning to start a family.

Selenium is a trace element that provides antioxidant benefits as well as nutritional support for healthy sperm and male fertility. It seems Selenium specifically supports sperm maturation and motility, without good motility these little swimmers are just not going to make it all the way to their destination.
In one group of UK men treated with 3 months of selenium supplements or placebo, the selenium treatment increased
sperm motility by up to 40% while the placebo group showed a slight decline by 15%. In fact, in the treatment group 11% achieved paternity, while in contrast paternity was not attained at all by anyone in the placebo group.

A Zinc deficiency could be the result of many things but also may arise from competition between minerals for absorption sites in the intestine. We absorb zinc in the same areas as iron and copper. Therefore, excesses of iron or copper can adversely interfere with zinc absorption.

In our experience we know that a huge percentage of people in fact have toxic levels of copper within their body tissue - Hair analysis results from NZ samples show 75% of those tested have a copper overload!

Certain foods also prevent the absorption of zinc – high-fibre foods and bran, including whole-wheat bread and cereals, and foods with a high calcium and/or phosphorus content, especially milk and poultry – for this reason it is recommended to avoid eating these foods within two hours of taking zinc.

Se 1And when it comes to the more mature of our men it is well proven that zinc levels and prostate health have a lot in common.
Zinc may be helpful in prostate health by inhibiting the activity of an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase. This enzyme irreversibly converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone - it is generally accepted that higher levels of dihydrotestosterone are related to things like prostate cancer.
Another enzyme activity of Zinc is to inhibit the aromatase enzyme that converts testosterone into excess oestrogen. We are all familiar with oestrogen as being mostly a "female hormone" - nothing more really needs to be said, does it?
The ratio between testosterone and oestrogen ratio in men declines with age but be aware that certain things can aggravate this, a common one for New Zealanders is alcohol consumption. More alcohol, lowers the zinc levels which in turn can increase the oestrogen.

Just as Zinc is important in specific ways for the more mature of us males, new evidence proves selenium is not just essential for healthy sperm, our immune system and as an antioxidant; it’s also vital for prostate health and with an ageing population this problem is not going to become any less of an issue.

The term is Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy(BPH) and a new 2012 study demonstrated a significant link between selenium concentration and the size of the prostate gland. Lower selenium levels appeared to be associated with larger prostate glands, these findings need to be confirmed in larger epidemiological studies but we have spoken over the years to men who have had improvements in their BPH related issues and urination by simply adding Selenium into their day.

With low levels of selenium in New Zealand soil and food, it’s no secret that we have an inadequate dietary intake, many of you will have known this for many years. There is even new research from Australia as reported in the 22nd Australian Total Diet Study that found that Australians dietary selenium intake has fallen by approximately 16% since 2000-2001 and I don't imagine ours has improved either..

So keep your Zinc and Selenium levels up there and carry on with your life! Come on men, where are you!

Whats Coming Up?
This is where we keep you updated on courses run by Maximum Wellbeing as well as shows we may be attending in your region.

Monday Meditations. We have begun a weekly meditation group. Anyone is invited to join with us on Monday evening at 7.30pm for an hour of meditation and reflection. Please let us know beforehand if you are coming - and bring a cushion to sit on.
Phone Andy or Gary on 07-3436909 to confirm a place.

Rotorua Body Mind and Spirit show.  Rotorua 13-14 Oct at the Sound Shell by the lake front. We will be offering clairvoyant readings and mini QRA session and a selection of products. Hope you can join us at some time over the weekend.

What about YouTube?

Youtube1.jpg And finally we are getting up to date and have our first YouTube video. Sorry, probably don't need any critiques, the technique will improve, just wanted to get started and try it.This one is a simple intro to QRA, hope it makes sense.

Here is another one of those really great nature videos - well I think its pretty cool, hope you enjoy it too

See the video by CLICKING HERE

Products Highlights from

Soya Candles:
A new addition to the website is a variety of handmade, soya candles.
Soya candles are clean burning - your typical paraffin based candles baths you in a soft glow of toxic fumes while the soy wax is non toxic - and burns longer and at a lower temperature.
Have a look at the selection, maybe a great gift for someone special.
The candles can be re-filled as well, so once you have enjoyed the warm ambiance of your soya candle, send the container in and we can refill it.
View our Soya Candles here.

MRI Elemental Zinc.

Please read the article at the top of this page for information on the importance of Zinc. Particularly for men!
Here is the product page, you may want to take advantage of this months deal, Elemental Zinc

MRI Elemental Selenium.
Please read the article at the top of this page for information on the importance of Selenium. Most of us would ideally be using this mineral regularly, particularly if we are concerned with things like prostate or breast cancer!
Here is the product page,
you may want to take advantage of this months deal, Elemental Selenium.

Health snippets(International News)

A change this time, a first for this newsletter - some photos - family pics in fact, the reason you didn't get a newsletter last month was due to a visit from my daughter and granddaughter, on holiday from Sydney. We in fact had 5 generations together for the very first time.
My grandmother - Ruby, gets to meet my granddaughter - Ruby, age difference - only 100 years!

So sorry for a little family indulgence, hope you don't mind, after all it is kind of international news and what are we without our families?!

DEAL of the MONTH:

This month we want to make sure those of you who are needing a little extra Zinc and/or Selenium will take advantage of a special for these two essential minerals. Remember that without certain minerals in the body, there are things that simply cannot happen, get a boost NOW.



To book appointments or to find out more, please give us a call on 07-3436909, we would love to speak to you!

Yours in good health,


Gary 1                          Andy

Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer and Andy Pentecost, Clairvoyant/Healer

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