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In this issue:
  • ENOUGH!!- NO more Pink-washing, PLEASE!
  • More info/products on the Website -
  • Health snippets - Do you know where Vit C comes from?
  • Special November Deal - SAVE$$

At last some fine warm weather - Labour Weekend for most of us was a cracker, hope you had the opportunity to enjoy it .......... and if you didn't then perhaps its time to start asking the hard questions?

Daylight savings time has begun and along with it the chance to enjoy our environment outside the normal work hours. Live now, its the only way to be true to yourself.

What do we mean Pink-washing?

The colour Pink and Breast Cancer awareness go hand in hand and it is important we inform ourselves and build awareness about various health issues that are like plagues across our population.

The rub is when we see companies like Estee Lauder trumpeting its commitment to breast cancer awareness through promotions and pink ribbons galore. Awareness about early detection and treatment options is important. But when one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, what we need most of all is to get chemicals linked to cancer out of products we use every day – including cosmetics from so called pink ribbon companies like Estee Lauder.

We need to wake up, awareness is NOT cancer prevention if we continue to do the same things!

Here are some examples supplied by the crew at EWG:

Estee Lauder brands Bumble & Bumble, Aveda and Clinique contain chemicals that are likely to be contaminated with the carcinogens 1,4-dioxane or formaldehyde; Bobbi Brown Blush contains silica and titanium dioxide (which poses a risk of cancer from inhalation); and several Estee-owned brands still use parabens, which can act like oestrogen in the body. Higher oestrogen exposures throughout a woman's life can increase her risk of breast cancer, according to the latest scientific evidence.

And for once these thoughts are not just ours, some influential individuals have also been talking about these same problems.

The US President’s Cancer Panel concluded in its May 2010 report that many cancers are linked to environmental exposures. The Panel pointed to lax regulations around toxic chemicals, the fact that chemicals are allowed on the market without adequate safety data, and the (completely legal) use of known carcinogens and hormone disruptor's in common products like cosmetics.

And of course you know things stink when an entity like Estee Lauder lobby against legislation that requires cosmetics companies to notify the state when they use chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects — while simultaneously launching Pink Ribbon campaigns to "raise awareness" about breast cancer.

Come on everyone, we can demand change by simply choosing to spend our dollars elsewhere. Why would you buy the formula's that include carcinogens and then throw some more cash into the "Pink Ribbon campaign" so you feel like you are making a difference, that's not the way to reduce or prevent breast cancer!

Of course cancer support is important for anyone suffering, but the choice is yours, would't it be wonderful if less people were suffering to begin with? The equation is quite simple - less chemicals = less cancer!

As a part of the "cleaning up" that needs to happen, our special deal this month is about detoxification, see below for one of the simplest and most effective ways to "detox".

New Products at

QUANTUM Betaine HCL and Quantum HCL Activator

A couple of products from PRL that have the ability to turn around many aspects relating to poor health - Poor Digestion!

These two products when combined perform an amazing system detox, we simply call it the HCL Detox System, it can eliminate impervious "Bio-films" and will help create a superior immune function

The Master Immune Detox Therapy!

We list them separately on our website because for those who simply need to improve the stomachs ability to produce Hcl(hydrochloric acid) then they may not need to use them both, however its the simple combination that can have a profound affect.


Healthy stomach acid is needed for a healthy digestive tract. If you have low stomach acid, even the best food cannot be properly digested. The poor digestive process leads to an inability to absorb nutrients properly, this can lead to a wide range of health problems.

 As a normal part of the ageing process, we typically produce less hydrochloric acid (HCL) which reduces our ability to efficiently absorb nutrients from food. Reduced HCL production affects the amount of protein and calcium we call absorb and can interfere with bone metabolism. Incomplete protein metabolism can imbalance intestinal flora. Betaine hydrochloric acid helps insure proper absorption of nutrients.   

Used together, this dynamic duo is another Detox option that works different to most detox products. Download information about the HCL Detox by clicking here.

Quantum Betaine HCL

Natural source, beet-derived betaine hydrochloric acid. Betaine hydrochloride is also known as hydrochloric acid (HCL) or stomach acid. It helps digest food by breaking up fats and proteins, assists the body’s natural stomach acids in the absorption of nutrients, especially protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, B12.


Quantum HCL Activator

Quantum HCL Activator contains a broad-spectrum, natural-source mineral-antioxidant complex for use with HCL (hydrochloric acid) to liberate the deep cleansing, para-detox power of HCL to promote a healthy immune system and its extensive role in whole body health by dramatically enhancing methylation(something that happens in the liver) at the cellular level and thereby dramatically up-regulating cellular detoxification. The HCL (hydrochloric acid) Detox Program is the use of natural-source HCL taken simultaneously with natural-source phyto-minerals (especially potassium) for daily oral consumption.

Not really a new product, but another video from Narelle about a highly effective and popular Miessence product.

Here is a video by Narelle about the Miessence toothpaste, a simple product but so beneficial for both the teeth and the gums! If you have doubts about this type of product then you should know that we have even had comments from Dental professionals who have been impressed with the results in their own customers, now that's good!

Flash Animation

Here is the page on our website if you are ready to use the best, and completely safe toothpaste around!

Miessence Toothpaste

Health snippets(International News)

A recent conference in NZ has highlighted some of the issues associated with our orthodox farming techniques. One of the presenters at the Soil Carbon Conference showed on some of her slides that it is now possible (and in fact common) to buy an orange with zero Vitamin C. The slide also showed significant drops in food nutrients, the following are drops in nutrients in Australian foods between 1948 and 1991. 

  • Calcium in potatoes down 89%, from 27mg to 3 mg;

  • Magnesium in Broccoli down 82% from 160mg to 29mg;

  • Vitamin A in carrots down 99.6% from 25,000iu to just 91iu;

  • Vitamin C in apples down 80% from 25mg to just 5 mg.

Nutrient levels in soil ARE a big problem! Once again buyer beware, you may not be getting what you want and what your body needs. Without base levels of nutrients our body will struggle in many ways. Get your basics here .

DEAL of the MONTH:

Yes, we had to do it - a DETOX Deal.


For those of you who are thinking ahead and want to be operating at an optimum level as we head on into the end of the year we are offering the highly effective Heel Detox Kit at a special price. We will also throw in a 60 page Metagenic Detox booklet that is filled with tips, including a 14 day meal planner to make sure you know how to best nourish your system while detoxifying.

The Heel Detox Kit has been our favourite for a long time, just add drops from each of the 3 formula into a 1-1.5 litre bottle of pure water and drink through the day - what could be simpler? Effective, gentle, well tolerated and easy to use.

We only have a limited number of "kits" available for this promotion, so first in best dressed!

We will ship it for free so you save even more, Just pay $89 and get started now!

Click here for the November Special Offer.


Thanks again for being with us,

Yours in good health, 


Susanne & Gary

PS: Let us take this opportunity to thank you again for your continued support and don't forget to forward the newsletter onto anyone who may find it of interest, take care S & G  :)

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