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Health and Wellbeing Newsletter May 2019

Hello dear friends,

In this issue:
  • Why is anxiety so common?
  • Product highlights from the Website - 
  • Coming Up, FREE gift and Live event!
  • Get the real sauce on ingredients - listen and learn

"Self control is strength, calmness is mastery. You have to get to a point where your mood doesn't shift based on the insignificant actions of someone else. Don't allow others to control the direction of your life. Don't allow your emotions to overpower your intelligence." Anon.

Emotions and drama tend to rule alot of peoples lives - and probably all of us at some time, but this can be different if we choose.
I'm sure you keep asking yourself this question - "where has time gone?"
Well it sure seems to be flying - and for us, we will be flying in just a few days.

OOPPS, Update time - I started(and hoped to finish) this newsletter over a week ago :)
we are now in Australia and getting things in place for our Sunshine Coast Winter.

Let's see if I can finish this before the month ends!!!! 
We have taken the step to allow ourselves a "wintering over" in Queensland this year. What that looks like is yet to unfold, but for now the count down is on and we are ready (well almost :) - correction - we are there.

Life WILL pass you by if you allow that, so get out and make the most of things while the opportunity is there for you. See you from the other side.

Let's read on...... 

Why are so many people struggling with anxiety? And what can be done?(Part 1)

Do you fear that you are being judged or worry that you could be ridiculed by others over anything you do?

Always on edge, kind of waiting for something bad to happen? Do you worry about things that haven't(and most likely won't) happen?

If so, and if you have talked to your Dr about these things then you will most likely be prescribed medicine such as anti-depressants, and guess what, these medications while possibly helpful for some, for some of the time, will not get to the root cause – they are just a band-aid.

As far as the reason goes, like most things relating to our body it is often multi-faceted, do read on.

What is the Conventional Approach to Anxiety?

Of course the conventional approach to treating anxiety focuses on using medications, this will include SSRIs - selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors such as: Zoloft, Prozac, Lexapro, etc. and/or anxiolytic medications like benzodiazepines, these could include names like: temazepam (Normison®), diazepam,  alprazolam (Xanax®) - there are many more names used in the industry, but this gets you thinking along the idea there are plenty of these drugs in wide use, right?.

Anxiety-692These medications are very widely used and there are many well-documented side effects of both groups; both antidepressants and benzodiazepines.
While some side effects are fortunately rare, they can be severe and significantly debilitating themselves!
Serious things like – suicidal or homicidal tendency, a potential side effect could even be death!


Fortunately the more common side effects are not quite as horrendous, but none the less not much fun – brain fog, weight gain, sexual dysfunction just to mention a few.  I have said it before -  anxiety is NOT caused by a “Prozac or Xanax deficiency”.  Hence using them to treat anxiety will only work to mask the symptoms, it may(or may not) offer some degree of breathing space, but it will NOT address the root cause.

The Root Cause Approach to Anxiety

Anything we experience regards our body is always something we can use (if we are aware of it) to make adjustments to what we are doing - anxiety is in a greater sense a sign of some degree of imbalance. 

Anxiety may in fact result from many body systems being "out of order", consider the following:

Nutrient deficiencies
Food sensitivities
Toxic overload
Chronic Infections
Blood sugar problems
Thyroid problems - hypo or hyper

Even stress on its own may be difficult to manage if your body has been continually pushed for too long a period, the typical fight or flight response cannot be maintained indefinitely, if you have had a stream of trauma and stress you may become predisposed to a higher level of anxiety that may fly out of control.

Stress hormones and neurotransmitters – the chemical messengers that regulate all the systems in our bodies - may be out of balance in people who deal with chronic anxiety. These imbalances will reflect on sleep, stress management and anxiety.

The best intervention that you can do on your own, and won't require any fancy detective work is to include using food(real food!) and nutrients to balance your mood!

Addressing nutrition through good whole food intake, appropriate targeted supplementation and managing stress responses will go a very long way to helping reduce anxiety in most cases.

Basic Anxiety Reduction Strategies.

1. Balance Your Blood Sugar

Many of you will be familiar with the term "hangry", well the emotions that come up when we have not eaten(or may have eaten foods that don't really support your body) have similar traits to those related to anxiety, so addressing blood sugar highs and lows can get you off the roller coaster that really rocks when our blood sugar levels are out of control.
As educated folk, you will already know that your blood sugar levels will tend to shoot up after consuming a carb loaded meal, the big rise of insulin needed to process the meal may then cause a blood sugar low, and this is when the symptoms like fatigue, irritability, nervousness and anxiety may arise.

The best way to moderate the highs and lows is to get away from those very high carb, sugary type foods by increasing the relative proportions of protein, fat and remembering plenty of fibrous vegetables

You can help balance your blood sugar by reducing your intake of carbohydrates and/or any sugars, and increasing your protein and fat intake. A low-carb or ketogenic type based diet could be beneficial for some.

Make your breakfast complete with a meal that is filled with good oils (for example, avocado or coconut milk or quality full fat yoghurt), as well as a good source of protein(once again, avo and yoghurt as well as almonds are good here), but be careful to minimise your intake of sugars (even from fruit).

Some breakfast options include eggs with avocados, even a sausage or meat pattie(no reason not to - even for breaky). Another option is of course a protein and oil-based smoothie.  The Miessence complete protein powder is hard to beat and can be added to your daily smoothie making it a superfood meal that is very easy on your digestion!

Likewise for snacks through the day, make sure you are keeping the oil content and protein ratio up.

Finally, there may be supplements that can help with stabilising your blood sugar, lessening anxiety. We know that if you are short on the simple nutrient chromium then we are not able to use insulin efficiently.

There is a nice product from Dr Wilson called GOOD SUGAR, its designed to help stressed people maintain blood sugar in the optimal “good sugar” range. Some also benefit from using L-Glutamine for low blood sugar (starting with  dose of around 500 mg per day).

2. Reduce Caffeine Intake

Yes I know, "but we love our coffee!" - lets keep it simple, caffeine is a stimulant that can give you the shakes and make you edgy, so if you’re currently drinking coffee, black tea (even green tea does have caffeine) or cola drinks(yes many cold drinks are caffeinated these days), removing or reducing your intake of caffeine can be helpful. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 3How your metabolism operates may allow some of us to have a little more caffeine than others, a fast metabolism may clear the caffeine quickly enough for it to not create issues, however if the metabolism is sluggish at all then its just not going to be worth it for you, drink something free of caffeine to avoid it triggering anxiety.

And this is where we start to look at things together because it doesn't really matter if you are a fast metaboliser or you have some genetic tendency one way or another, the bottom line is that if your adrenals have been flogged and your diet is causing swings in your blood sugar you will be far more likely to experience anxiety when caffeine is used.

This is because our physiology works specifically to deal with many nutrients in a quite specific ways, the introduction of caffeine forces more glucose to be produced by the liver, this then sends the body on a blood sugar rollercoaster that can easily trigger anxiety.

If you do drink coffee, and tend to have it more than couple of times a day don't forget it may be affecting your sleep.
If you are a light sleeper, or wake easily then going without a caffeine fix could result in better, more regenerative sleep.

And thats not to mention you may even be able to eliminate symptoms of anxiety, headaches, palpitations, insomnia, and frequent visits to the toilet simply by cutting back on caffeine.

If you are a BIG user and decide to go cold turkey, be prepared for some not so pleasant signs of withdrawal - it will be easier and probably more pleasant to reduce what you drink by doing it in a reduction from say 4 cups a day to 3 cups a day, and then every 3 days reduce again - down to 2 cups and so on.

3. Remove common intolerant Foods

The most common food intolerance reactions that tend to trigger anxiety symptoms are related to sugar, caffeine, dairy products, wheat and gluten, soy based foods and sadly some nuts too.

You can have food testing done or you could carry out some investigations yourself by eliminating foods you suspect(and even those you may not suspect). Eliminating foods and keeping a food diary can be an effective way to discover your food triggers, once identified - and it may be one simple food - a whole new world can appear.

I will continue next month.........

One last thing quickly that is related to the topic above - I have done a variety of courses online and this one has come up, so I thought it appropriate to share here - its free, sounds great and can be viewed through the online training organisation Coursera.

Have a look and let me know if you do it. 

The Science of Well-Being

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Digital Dementia Summit

Digital Dementia Summit 2019 ~DIGI19

GLOBAL CHATTER - Whats news?

We have had some great informational "Fridays with Narelle" recently where the Green Goddess herself talks through some very interesting product comparisons, take a look at some real comparisons with products taken directly from the current market place - there are bound to be some names you are familiar with, and some shocking revelations.

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Where will we be for the next Month?? BOOK A SESSION?CONSULTATION NOW!

While in Australia we will still be offering consultations via skype or phone and as some of you will be aware we have both developed a range of skills and tools that ensure we are able to connect with you and guide you with your needs just as if we were face to face

Our website is still very much open for business, so please do continue to support us when you can, we are grateful for your continued support always :) thank you.

The best and most efficient way to make contact will be through this email address, we are able to call you back if needed - sorry, don't leave messages on our NZ phone numbers as they are not being checked while away.

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What about YouTube?

Time for a beautiful music interlude.
Go on, turn up your sound, sit back and enjoy!



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Thanks for your support!

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Yours in good health

Love from Gary and Andy

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Andy Pentecost, Transformational Life Coach/Author/Animal Communicator
Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

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