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February 2014 News Letter

Hi friends,

In this issue:
  • A simple process you can do at home to DETOX.
  • Products highlights from the Website - 
  • Health snippets - From around the world.
  • February Deals.

Remember, the thoughts that you think and the statements you make regarding yourself determine your mental attitude. If you have a worthwhile objective, find the one reason why you can achieve it rather than hundreds of reasons why you can't. - Napoleon Hill.
So go on, change your attitude and have fun! You might even enjoy it :)

Home detox? Here's how.

Its not a magic bullet, and the greater effects won't be experienced over night, but if this is something you can do regularly you will experience many possible benefits.

There are many gems of wisdom and wonderful healing techniques and formulas that are based on Ayurveda, and an age old technique from Ayurvedic medicine is commonly known as Oil Pulling.

I am sure that some of you will be familiar with this term and may have even tried it.

Some Ayurvedic doctors have recorded a wide range of healing from Oil Pulling. The list includes things such as:

  • Head-aches
  • Bronchitis
  • Tooth Pain
  • Eczema
  • Ulcers and stomach issues
  • Lung diseases
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disorders
And the list could go on.

Some have claimed it prevents growth of malignant tumours, encephalitis and even has been used to cure chronic sleep deprivation.

So, what is oil pulling and how do I do it?
Its a simple process that seemingly allows your body to work on root causes - often of course toxicity is an underlying aspect of many health issues.
This is the key to getting results - its not going to be an overnight wonder, but with continued application by using the Oil Pulling regularly things can begin to shift.

Oil Pulling is simply achieved by putting an amount of oil in your mouth and swishing it around, sounds pretty weird, but don't knock it until you've tried it.

Simple Steps.
Upon rising - before eating or drinking anything measure out 1 tablespoon of oil and put it in your mouth, traditionally sunflower oil or sesame oil have been used but these days many people are using coconut oil with great results. It seems most oils will be effective, but of course as we are putting this liquid in the mouth I would recommend only good quality, cold pressed oils preferably from a certified organic source.

Second: Simply swish the oil around in your mouth without swallowing it. Swish all around so the oil passes in between your teeth and around the whole of the buccal cavity. You don't have to wear out your jaw - in fact if you get sore muscles in your jaw or mouth you are probably overdoing it, just relax into the process because you need to keep it up for 20 minutes.
Use your tongue to help gently move the oil around.

The easy way to get through the 20 minutes is to relax, allow for natural movements of your tongue and mouth and to keep swishing the oil all around. If you get the urge to swallow or spit it out and you are not able to control this, then spit it out and start again. The 20 minutes is quite important and some suggest that if you are not able to attain the 20 minute mark the results will be less than you deserve.

If you spit out before 20 minutes is up, then you must start again. When you first start doing the Oil Pulling it may be difficult to reach 20 minutes, just continue with the process and you will be surprised as to how the process will come to you very easily after a few times.

What you will notice is that the oil will become a milky colour and consistency, exactly how long this will take will be determined by the type of oil, the time taken for the swishing and also the amount of toxic debri your body releases. By aiming for the 20 minutes you are bound to be certain that the "job" will be done properly which is indicated when the oil becomes a quite thick, white substance.

Finally: As you reach the 20 minute target you can spit out the toxic oil and if you use an organic mouth wash I suggest you have a rinse with it, or you could rinse your mouth with a warm, salt solution. While the salt rinse is completely optional, its another old fashioned remedy that helps soothe any inflammation of the gums and also has some interesting anti-microbial properties.

And thats it! Simple enough for everyone to try at home, Happy Swishing!

Miessence 2014 Birthday Blast Incentives

Well, its Birthday time for Miessence and the amazing company that produces it, Organic & Natural Enterprise Group(ONEgrp)and to celebrate there is a special deal on now, get in quick because this applies to February 2014 only!

1. Join Miessence and become a Independent Representative for just $11. Joining is free if you start with a Super Fast Start, more about this on the website link below, (this is for those who would like to create a new income stream from a truly ethical sustainable business)

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2. Customers can become Lifestyle Members with a $110 purchase and receive 20% off for life. And for us Kiwis, its even better - you will get 20% discount of ALL you Miessence products AND save the GST as well.
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 Existing Lifestyle Members who spend $110 receive a $20 voucher on their next visit.

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3. Lifestyle Members who join AutoShip/MiRewards will receive 110 MiRewards Points and a free Sunflower Body Wash. Everyone on MiRewards will receive an additional 110 MiRewards points each order

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4. Anyone who starts on a Fast Start or Super Fast Start during February receives a free Vitality Challenge Kit.

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Or if you want to go ahead and order your product and get the best of both worlds with a GREAT 20% discount and NO GST go to the dedicated website by Clicking Here

You can even watch a short Video here to get some idea's as to why you might want to treat yourself to this wonderful range.

Miessence Video 101

Whats Coming Up?

This is where we keep you updated on courses run by Maximum Wellbeing as well as shows we may be attending in your region.

Tauranga Healthy Living Festival
This weekend - Yes thats tomorrow and Sunday, we will be at the Tauranga Healthy Living Festival.
This is another annual event that we have been involved with before and gives those in the area a chance to come in and have a chat, get some therapy or just soak up the healing environment for an hour or two.

Its on Saturday and Sunday 10am - 5pm and is held at the QE2 Memorial Hall on 11th Ave.

If you have some spare time do come down and say hi!
Hope to see you there.

Tauranga clinic.

Obviously we need your continued support to make this work, and invite any of you to come in for a catch up or to get an update on your own health progress, we are in Tauranga Tuesday's each week.

The clinic is located on the corner of Cameron Road and Garden Place.

 - 571 1141, any enquiries can be made through this number so you don't even have to make a toll call!

Monday Meditations. Our weekly meditation group has started again after the Christmas break. Anyone is invited to join with us on Monday evening at 7.30pm for an hour of meditation and reflection. Please let us know beforehand if you are coming - and bring a cushion to sit on.

Phone Andy or Gary on 07-3436909 to confirm a place.

What about YouTube?

YouTubeSorry, didn't even have a chance to find an appropriate video this time around, will try to make up for it next time :) 


Products Highlights from

Here is a little more about the rewards system that is now a part of Miessence purchasing.
This summarises quite nicely, but if you need to know something else please let us know


MiRewards Benefits
As a MiRewards member, you earn points every purchase which can be redeemed on Miessence products.

That means getting your most used products for free, or put towards products you haven't already tried – the choice is yours. You may even discover a new favourite!

With MiRewards:

  • Receive free product
  • Receive exclusive promotional offers
  • An exclusive invitation to spend Fridays with Miessence founder Narelle Chenery for the Fridays with Narelle podcast to learn how to transform your world
  • Free monthly Miessence Lifestyle Member newsletter
  • Receive the best possible price on your favourite Miessence products
  • Receive the cheapest possible shipping
  • Receive convenient automatic delivery on your schedule

So, if you are already a Lifestyle Member with us you will have had the info, if you are not and would like to find out more or start ordering your favourite certified organic Miessence products yourself click the link below to go to our dedicated Miessence website and find out more

Go to Miessence website

Health snippets(International News)

Roundup 'Weed Killer' Threatens Coral Reefs, Persists In Seawater

Could Round Up be one of those marine pollutants that are causing the death of our Coral reefs around the planet?
A new study done in Australia by Australian Marine researchers talks of an increasing concern over the global loss of corals and seagrass, satellite images show the run off after heavy rain, that contains an excess of sediments, nutrients and pesticides can travel up to 50 kilometres offshore. 

To find out more or read the study, click here


DEALS of the MONTH:  This month we will be giving you a discount when ordering the PRL Gallbladder-ND.
This is an exceptional product when it comes to helping the Liver and Gallbladder get clear of all the build-up from over indulgence of certain foods and alcohol.
If you would like to know a little more about whats in it and how it works have a look here. PRL Gallbladder-ND.

Yours in good health
IMG 1146(copy)                        

Andy Pentecost, Natural Therapist/Healer and Gary Beck, Naturopath/Healer

Maximum Wellbeing Clinic


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