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In this issue:
  • The latest food craze - are you up to date?
  • More new products on the Website -
  • Health snippets - Organic watchdogs are out there.
  • Christmas Gift Deals and Ideas for the whole family

The last newsletter before we all go crazy with the run up to Christmas. As you will have learn't by now, it doesn't pay to leave things to the last minute, its not worth the stress. Put the time into getting things done and out of the way, NOW! We hope you can take some value from this issue into the festive season and set the stage for a great 2011.

Its all the goss these days - and its so basic?

For those of you who are constantly investigating health and ways to achieve longevity then you will be up with the latest and probably the most simple concept of all. Various authors are talking about it, numerous YouTube videos and demos lead you into the wonderful world of food, but for the most part not as we know it.

So what is it?
RAW food. We have moved from processed food to whole food and organic foods, but now more importantly to RAW living food.

Here is a concept that sounds so simple, eat more raw food and be healthy.

OK, lets look at this a little more closely. We have seen and heard some amazing stories and I have just watched part of a Video with Dr Joel Fuhrman who explains things quite simply. Dr Fuhrman is the type of Dr that drug companies love to hate, as an example he has been invited onto many TV shows and top line talk shows to explain what he does, he was recently interviewed by 20/20 but just before the show was due to go to air in the USA, it was mysteriously pulled? Why? The topic and what he says doesn't go down too well with orthodox medicine and of course the all powerful drug companies. Eating raw food may be good sense(cents) - but it doesn't make a lot of dollars.

The simple facts are that most of the western world has a diet that consists of more than 51% processed and/or cooked food. From scientific research that was started back as far as the 1930's we know that a specific immune response happens when we have a diet consisting of more than 51% of cooked or processed food, the response is called Digestive Leukocytosis and is similar to how the body responds to poisons! The result of this is increased mucous and inflammation. Not at all what we need for smooth sailing.

With too much cooked food we also end up with a short fall of the crucial phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants that we have all heard about and these are absolutely necessary for our body to function at an optimum level.
We can break our food into two categories, Macro-nutrients - this includes carbohydrates/fats/proteins and this is the category that we just simply have too much of. The other is Micro-nutrients - all the small amounts of vital substances that include anti-oxidants, bioflavonoids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are mostly found in fresh fruits and vegetables.

This is the equation: To many Macro-nutrients make us fat.
If we don't meet our body's needs for micro-nutrients then you will have to OVER eat as the body does its best to get all it needs. The foods we then consume will generally be Macro-nutrients, more of these and we still won't give the body what it needs and so we continue to eat - the wrong foods - and this ultimately will lead to addictions to foods that perpetuate the cycle.

Eating high density, live, raw foods will satisfy the body's needs and result in less cravings.

The symptoms of disease that we recognise, are often a signal that the body is simply trying to repair, rejuvenate or detoxify. These disease symptoms(remember its really detox symptoms) tend to show themselves when we are not eating, while the body is busy processing food it won't even try to detoxify and so it seems to us that if we eat the, uncomfortable symptoms of disease(detox) are relieved. And so it goes on, we eat to give us relief from discomfort, the discomfort is thought to be a symptom of disease, the so called symptom is in fact a sign from the body that it is struggling in its endeavour to eliminate circulating toxic debris, the struggle is caused because of a deficiency in micro-nutrients needed by the body to process/detoxify effectively. Make sense?

So the situation is clear, we can continue to eat large quantities of Macro-nutrients and get sick, we then have the luxury of going to the Dr and are able to get a prescription for a drug to alleviate the symptoms of our disease. This is the beginning of the downward spiral and is the pattern that has left us with epidemics of heart disease, cancer and more recently diabetes and neurological diseases right across the western world.

Here is a video that gives a summary of raw food - in particular this one shows how type 2 Diabetics can be "healed", yes you heard right, healed of their diabetes! Pretty impressive stuff!

YouTube.jpeg  You will need to click this link:)

Dr Fuhrman in his video gives an example of one of his patients who he has worked with for 14 years, an 83 year old who was on 3 different blood pressure medications and a cholesterol modifying drug. Even with 3 B/P drugs the BP was still high and out of control. After the first 3 months 2 of the BP meds were removed and after 12 months ALL meds were no longer required. As an 83  year old this gentleman is fitter and healthier than he has ever been. And each year his blood pressure has continued to drop! We have all been told that it is normal for our blood pressure to go up as part of the aging process, here we have the reverse happening, proof perhaps that the common elevation of BP is a disease symptom and need not be associated with getting older if we are meeting our body's needs by flooding our system with micro-nutrients from raw foods! 

Alternatively we can strive to eat more whole raw foods - a minimum of 60% and reverse the disease process.

New Products at

Introducing Miessence Darling Salt Glow


Miessence environmental-saving Darling Salt Glow is an eco-conscious body scrub made from salt sourced from the troubled Murray-Darling Basin located in southeastern Australia.The salt in this body scrub is produced naturally from underground saline aquifers that have been lying dormant for thousands of years.Murray-Darling BasinPic.jpg

By utilizing these waters the salinity problems are reduced, the environment is improved, and a unique, pure, inland salt is produced.

Using Darling Salt Glow helps to lessen the serious salinity problem in the Murray-Darling Basin, which is the most significant environmental problem affecting Australia to date. The impact of salinity is immense, resulting in huge losses in fertile productive land and decreased biodiversity in the native wetlands. An area the size of a football oval is being lost to salinity every hour, so scrub up!

Experts agree, proper exfoliation of the skin has significant benefits.

● Blended with nourishing, organic coconut oil

● Delicious organic citrus and spice essential oils

● Revitalises skin, leaving it feeling silky soft and smooth

● Exfoliates dead, dry skin cells, revealing plump, fresh skin

● Boosts circulation and stimulates the senses

● Smooths rough, dry areas

● Leaves skin supple, glowing and nourished

100% Active, Beneficial ingredients - of course!

ONEgroup travelled the world in search of the purest ingredients for our Darling Salt Glow. Read about the healthful qualities of this salt and cold-pressed, certified organic oils below - with no passport required!

  • 1SodiumChloride.jpg
    Sodium Chloride from inland salt produced by solar evaporation of brine in Australia. Exfoliates, revitalises, smooths, boosts circulation, stimulates the senses.

  • 2coconut.jpgCocosnucifera (coconut) oil - Virgin coconut oil from the Pacific Islands, collected, grated, and cold-pressed within hours of opening the nut. Antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, soothes, softens, smooths. Relieves dry, rough and wrinkled skin.

  • 3sweetorange.jpgCitrus dulcis (sweet orange) essential oil - Cold-pressed from the peel of the fruit grown in Italy. Astringent, antibacterial, antiseptic, toning and cleansing.
  • Citrus aurantifolia (lime) essential oil - Steam distilled from the peel of fruit grown in the West Indies. Cleansing and antiseptic.
  • 4lime.jpg
    Cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon) leaf essential oil - Steam distilled from the leaf grown in Sri Lanka. Soothes, cools, antimicrobial and astringent.10072.jpg

  • 6clovebud.jpg
    Syzygium aromatica (clove) bud essential oil - Steam distilled from the flower buds grown in Sri Lanka. Antiseptic, stimulating and painkilling.

  • 7rosemary.jpg
    Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf CO2 extract - Antioxidant and protective.

  • 8jojoba.jpgSimmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil - Cold-pressed from the bean of the desert plant in Argentina. Emollient, moisturising, high in vitamins, skin protective, helps regulate PH, soothes inflamed skin.

Who knew helping the environment could be so luxurious & satisfying? 

This product will only be available for a limited time(until December 15th) - or while stocks last, so do order now to avoid dissapointment.

Click here to order now, we will ship it for FREE!

What will I get her/him for Christmas?

From NOW until Christmas SAVE 20% on all Miessence products featuring on
And we will send it FREIGHT FREE!**

Here are some ideas:

Mens Pack - Travel Size Shave Gel and After Shave Balm, Freshening Mouthwash, Ancient Spice Deodorant.
SAVE over $20 - now only $54.69111.jpg

Womens Pack - Nourishing Hand cream, Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist, Travel Size Tropicana Body Milk.
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Teenagers Pack - Purfying Mineral Mask(great for acne), Purifying Blemish Gel.
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Baby Pack - Baby Bottom Mist, Baby Barrier Balm, Baby Powder.BarrierBalm.jpg
SAVE over $24 - now only $64.

**Remember this offer is only for product ordered direct from us - please email your requirements and we will confirm the price and give you our details for payment.

And for that difficult person!
And we have one final suggestion for a gift for that hard to please friend or family member - why not give them a Miessence Gift Certificate?

The perfect answer, it can be emailed or posted - this is done automatically for you - just select who, where and howGiftCert.jpg much and then they can shop for exactly what they want from the comfort of their own home.

So whether they want the award winning Miessence Rejuvenessence Facial Serum, Inliven Probiotic Superfood, Reflect Outdoor Balm(sunscreen) or a selection of the most exquisite, certified organic, handmade artisan style perfumes then its all in their hands.

Gift Certificates can be to ordered for between $25 and $200 - or multiples of these.

Giving the gift of Miessence has never been easier! ONEgroup now offers you the convenient, environmental choice of sending a gift e-certificate, or a more traditional gift certificate that is mailed directly to anyone on your gift giving list. Each e-certificate allows you to include a personal message and contains a link to our newest Miessence product catalogue along with clear instructions on how to redeem the e-certificate. If you prefer to have your gift certificate mailed directly to that special person on your list, we'll include a free printed copy of our latest Miessence catalogue in their shipment.

Here is the link to the page on our dedicated Miessence website

Health snippets(International News)

USA: Promiseland loses organic certification, could it happen here?

The multimillion dollar livestock operation Promiseland, based in Nebraska, has violated the Organic Foods Product Act and will lose its organic certification for five years. A US Department of Agriculture examiner tacked on one more year on the original four year suspension in his decision rejecting the appeal.

The violations had been found during various controls, after consumer protection agencies reported to the department. Promiseland, which manages 22,000 cattle on 5,200 ha, was charged with failing to feed its cattle organic grain, selling fraudulent feed and selling conventional cattle as organic cattle.

Its great to see the USDA is taking a strong stand against this type of fraudulent activity.

And on an even tastier note,

Master chocolatiers use organic cocoa.

From its chocolate factory in the French Alps, Stephane Bonnat's family has been nurturing ties with cocoa farmers around the world for over a century, and together they are now driving a “green revolution”, reports the British Independent. For a long time chocolate gourmands thought that organic chocolate was poor in texture and flavour.
That has all changed and now master chocolatiers are breaking into the luxury end of the market. A good example for organic fair-trade production is Bonnat. The 35 cocoa suppliers from Peru to Venezuela, who supply the company with about 220 tons of cocoa beans a year, have profited appreciably from the shift to high-end organic chocolate.

And finally, a little science - even if it is a little scary, perhaps?

Making blood from skin.
Scientists now believe they can transform human skin cells into blood cells. [AOLHealth]

Work by scientists in Canada has gone to a step where stem cell researchers have been able to re-programme skin cells and turn them into blood cells.
They successfully changed skin cells into blood cells several times over the course of two years, using human skin from old as well as young patients.

Click Here to read the full article

DEAL of the MONTH:

Yes, we had to do it again(sorry for those who had difficulty with the link last month:)
- The Heel DETOX Deal.


For those of you who are thinking ahead and want to be operating at an optimum level as we head on into the end of the year we are offering the highly effective Heel Detox Kit at a special price. We will also throw in a 60 page Metagenics Detox booklet that is filled with tips, including a 14 day meal planner to make sure you know how to best nourish your system while detoxifying.

The Heel Detox Kit has been our favourite for a long time, just add drops from each of the 3 formula into a 1-1.5 litre bottle of pure water and drink through the day - what could be simpler? Effective, gentle, well tolerated and easy to use.

We only have a limited number of "kits" available for this promotion, so first in best dressed!

We will ship it for free so you save even more, Just pay $89 and get started now!

Order the December Detox deal NOW!


Thanks again for being with us, and let us take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy, prosperous New Year, enjoy the season and celebrate your achievements of 2010.

Yours in good health, 


Susanne & Gary

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