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The future has arrived and we need to learn how to live and thrive in this modern age

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Summer seems a memory of a distant past as we head full speed into the shorter days and colder nights so make sure you are kept up to date and ready for the "silly season" of opportunistic infections.

What are you doing to make sure you get through the so called "cold and flu season" without too many days with the dreaded lurgy?
Some may just march through without bothering, there are also 
1138328_rubber_monsters_1.jpgthose who may have a flu shot, kindly subsidised by their employer or the health system and others tend to use herbs or homoeopathy to nip things in the bud.
Whatever it is that YOU prefer to use; in the natural world we do have some amazingly effective products to keep you safe, and your immune system strong, read on and let us know if you would like some help.

The future is here, NOW!

Over the next few months we will be adding products from Premier Research Labs (based in Austin, Texas) and what these supplements can offer really has us excited.

Premier Research Labs is known internationally as the pre-eminent manufacturer of excipient-free, premier quality nutraceutical formulations, super food concentrates and the world's first producer of quantum cellular resonance products that are capable of restoring quantum coherence to the body's inherent bio-field.

Whoa!! What does that mean I hear you say?

Let me try to explain in plain language. Some of you will be familiar with the term Bio-field(the energy around and within or body). OK, got that.
Well, Fully functional coherence of the bio-field is the new and most comprehensive definition of anti-ageing therapy, born out of quantum physics, (those of you who have developed a relationship with our "Albert" may recall that Albert uses quantum energy).
When coherence is restored to the bio-field, the healing power of the body is now known to be literally limitless, dwarfing the benefits of any mere biochemical manipulation, with drugs and supplements.

At last, we are at the real frontier of spectacular anti-ageing solutions and healing answers.

Sounds like a mouthful, I know, but what we are now able to offer is a form of nutrition not obtainable from the traditional tablets of the "past" in fact a traditional styled multivitamin tablet is in a sense 1950's technology. Life has changed significantly since the 50's, it's faster than it ever was and now we have nutrients to match.


We will be featuring some of the products from PRL from time to time over the next few issues, to find out more read on.

Products from our website

Special for Mothers Day
Mothers day is just around the corner so we thought it would be nice to include a special deal for all you Mums out there.
To help you do this, Miessence is offering 20% off our elite Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector, a blend of eight, potent, certified organic herbal and flower extracts that feel like Ambrosia for the skin, including
Tamanu Nut Oil, Rose-hip Seed Oil, Calendula CO2 Flower Extract, and Carrot CO2 Seed Extract. Ambrosia Essence was made for dry, thirsty skin - around the world! Simply enter Promotion Code ambrosia20 during checkout. To take advantage of this offer click here.
This will take you to our dedicated Miessence website and don't forget, you must use the code for the 20% off!

Here is what some Miessence customers have to say about this extra special product - it has a very unique scent and the results are amazing!
"Last night, I have put the Ambrosia Essence on my eczema patches.
I cannot believe that it has soothed the irritated skin immediately and today, the rash has much improved!!! Absolutely loving the essence and am loving the fact that it's organic and I know that it's safe for my skin!" - Liza O, Hong Kong

"...after telling us about her chemo therapy for cancer, I asked her to place a drop of Ambrosia Essence on her face where she had 3 red and irritated spots. A week later ... she couldn't believe her face didn't show any sign of the terrible sores we saw a week earlier. Such powerful healing properties in a tiny bottle." - Teal, NSW, Australia

"After only a little more than a month of using the Miessence organics products I can hardly believe the difference in my skin! It looks and feels better, with a clean feeling like... never experienced before. My pores appear smaller, and the Garnet Exfoliant has just about completely gotten rid of the bumps in my skin by opening the clogged pores. Even the cosmetics have a light,clean feeling. Great products!... not an extravagance, they are a necessity!" - Sam WI, USA

Health snippets(and International News)

Flu shots in the news again!
There were a few reports in the media back in the northern spring of 2009, that were largely hidden under the swine flu hysteria, a Canadian study revealed people who had received a regular, seasonal flu shot were twice as likely to catch swine flu.
Oh, you didn't hear about it? Not surprising, as I said it was kept pretty low key, the United States pretty much ignored the findings and continued to recommend that vaccinations for both seasonal and H1N1 flu go ahead as previously planned.

So for many this meant that they were encouraged to get two types of flu shots in a single season, something that had not been done before.

Well, several epidemiologic investigations were conducted over the northern summer of 2009, and the results are now in.

Any bets as to what the findings may have been? The words in some of the reporting are chosen carefully as to not raise alarm, but the message is pretty solid.

Seasonal flu shot DID increase the risk of catching swine flu.
To read the article click here

Personally I'll stick to our popular Heel Duo.

Yes, its that time again, many of you have become to trust the Heel Duo consisting of GrippHeel and Engsytol as a safe effective alternative to the "flu shot".
Now is probably as good a time as any to give your immune system a wee kick with the Heel Duo, or one of our other products to support your immune system and its response click here to see what we have available

Here is one of those simple little gems that has come out of things like "The Secret".
If your day doesn't have any signs of gratitude,you are probably doing things the hard way.
Remember, if you are criticising, you are not being grateful. If you are blaming, you are not being grateful. If you are complaining, you are not being grateful. If you are feeling tension, you are not being grateful. If you are rushing, you are not being grateful. If you are in a bad mood, you are not being grateful.
Gratitude can transform your life. Are you allowing minor things to get in the way of the life you deserve?

Gratitude! Do you have it?

EC forces through GM industrial potato.

The announcement by the EC that they have approved BASF’s GM starch altered potato for cultivation to produce starch to be used by industry has been described as a “bad and ill informed decision” by GM Freeze.

To read the article click here

This isn't new, but it seems there is still alot of misunderstanding regards the potential health risk associated with our wonderful cordless technology, including of course cell phones. The facts are that current safety guidelines offer a higher level of protection for sensitive electronic equipment than they do for people. How does that make you feel? The heating effect that some people may experience and are aware of while using a cellphone for any length of time is one thing, but our body doesn't need to heat up significantly for cell changes and alterations in our physiology to occur. Have a look at this video to get a better idea of what may be happening and then determine whether or not you feel this is something you should take responsibility about.
Go to the video by clicking here

We seem to have been working with more and more of you lately that are testing with signs of "electrostress" from things such as Cell Phones. So this month we would like to help by offering a special of our BioPro Cell phone chips. Once again we only have very limited stock available for this so if you have been thinking about this one for a while please don't hesitate.

If you would like to take advantage of this months Cell Phone Chip offer please Click here without delay.

Thanks again for being with us,

Yours in good health, 

Susanne & Gary

PS: Thanks again for your continued support and don't forget to forward the newsletter onto anyone who may find it of interest, take care S & G  :)

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